What we learned using Office Mix

Playing with Office Mix? We are too. As part of our Skype for Business training, the Office Training team created courses using Office Mix. We tested them with our customers and then released three Mixes covering Joining, Scheduling and Leading Meetings.

When making your Mixes, consider some of the things we learned:

  • Folks don’t know Mixes are interactive. In Mix intros, we recommend telling users they can click links or advance a slide to get to a more relevant part of the Mix.
  • Have a few “rest stops” along the way. If you don’t narrate a slide, the viewer has to click or tap the Click next to continue button. This provides you an opportunity to have the customers pause so you can show off dense slides, like an annotated picture, controls or instructions.
  • Use animation for more effective slides. As you talk over a slide, you can have parts appear as you talk about them. Yes, it takes a little practice to get the timing down, but it can be effective.
  • Office Mix allows an easier way for others to customize. With Office Mix, you don’t need video editing software to change the video, just PowerPoint skills. You can download the Mix (the creator controls permissions) to change the text or add or delete a slide.
  • Use video where you want to. We didn’t want to put the face of the trainer at the beginning of our Mix, but you may want to do that to make your Mix more personal. You can add videos in Mix and they just play. So on the previous slide, tell your audience a video is coming, as we did in the Leading Meetings Mix.

Watch our video and then try Office Mix for free at mix.office.com.

—Doug Thomas, senior content producer on the Office Learning and Video team