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Microsoft 365

Promoting growth, mobility and close collaboration without compromise

Today’s Office 365 post was written by Bryan Ackermann, senior vice president and chief information officer at Korn Ferry, a global leadership recruitment and organizational advisory firm.

Promoting growth mobility and close collaboration without compromise Pro PixKorn Ferry is in the people business. Our job is not only to make sure that our clients have the right talent in place, but to cultivate that talent at every stage by helping clients attract qualified executives, providing expert consulting services to develop skills from within, or delivering outsourcing services on a global scale.

Our work demands close collaboration, both internally and with our clients and job candidates. With 85 offices around the world and employees continuously on the go, we need to stay productive from anywhere. This environment requires balancing flexible and mobile access to colleagues and data with the protection of confidential information of millions of the world’s most influential people. With multiple clients who operate in regulated industries, our firm also places a high priority on maintaining their levels of compliance.

Yet there’s long been a conflict in the business world between productivity and security, especially for multinational organizations with mobile employees. Strict security constraints might protect information but could hamper the productivity of a workforce. And readily available access to data can promote employee productivity while simultaneously exposing the data to greater risk. Additional security measures could be put in place, but often at the risk of hindering collaboration.

Fortunately, our firm has found a way to address that disconnect. We’re making a huge leap forward in our ability to support global teamwork, without sacrificing security and data privacy, by adopting the Microsoft Office 365 suite of cloud productivity services. Office 365 meets both our mobility needs and our security standards. We’re also excited about the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite, particularly Intune for mobile device management. By gaining these capabilities, we’re no longer choosing between mobility and security—now we have both. We’re helping employees worldwide make daily process improvements, work more efficiently and effectively from anywhere at any time, and dramatically improve their accessibility to each other and to clients, all without compromising on our security standards.

Our partner, CloudScale International, is providing valuable guidance as we implement Office 365 components, such as Microsoft OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. These will replace our file server infrastructure and make it easier for colleagues to essentially reach across oceans to access the documents and data that they need. We’re utilizing Office 365 to work more closely with our clients as well. We offer tailored learning solutions to help clients develop strong internal leaders. As part of that offering, we’ve created a platform that makes it easy for leadership-development participants to do their coursework, submit quizzes and interact with Korn Ferry instructors, all using SharePoint Online. We also plan to use it to centralize and streamline the onboarding process for our outsourcing business area, which scales up and down considerably with each client engagement. And we’ll use the flexibility of SharePoint Online to automatically set up a site that’s tied to a client engagement. This single collaboration point means stakeholders can find relevant information throughout an engagement, and the information will automatically be retired once the engagement has ended.

One of the main drivers for adopting Office 365 was our rapid growth and the need for technology solutions that could ease the acquisition process and reduce maintenance burdens. We’re using a combination of Click-to-Run and Microsoft System Center to automatically deploy Office 365 and we’re expanding our use of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus to ensure that employees always have the latest software. I can’t tell you how excited it makes my team to know that we’ll automatically have access to the latest Office tools and features.

When you’re in the people business as we are, the ability to meet growth, security and mobility demands—without compromising any of them—is critical for your company’s health and well-being. We’re striking that perfect balance with Office 365.

—Bryan Ackermann

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