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Office 365 admin updates—from portal enhancements to PowerShell

If you are an Office 365 administrator, there are a number of new tools, reports and resources coming to help save you time when managing Office 365. On today’s Microsoft Mechanics, Lawrence Chiu joins me to take a tour and review Office 365 updates for admins. We take a look at the latest tool updates, including the new simplified portal design, an early look at upcoming reporting capabilities, updates to the Office 365 Admin app and new PowerShell resources for managing Office 365 and Office 2016 deployment.

If you missed the recent announcement about updates to the Office 365 Admin Center, Lawrence provides a visual drilldown of the enhancements we’re making to save you clicks. The workflows for password changes and acquiring new user licenses are highlighted as examples where significant optimizations have been made.

The new Admin Center also provides a number of new reporting capabilities requested by admins—including new usage reports across Office 365 workloads. Lawrence gives a first look at what’s coming in the new reports—before it hits the Office 365 Admin Center Preview—and we provide another sneak peek at the upcoming Power BI Content Pack for Office 365 admins.

The Office 365 Admin app also continues to provide more management capabilities for Office 365—from user management to incident and message center notifications. Lawrence shows a few new capabilities to control device notifications, so you can stay up-to-date with Office 365 service status and important messages from your phone. These apps are available on Windows, iOS and Android phones.

Finally, while these enhancements to the portal and mobile experiences are good for light day-to-day management, we’ve also been working on the tools and guidance for scaled automation with PowerShell. The new PowerShell for Office 365 site helps you get started with using PowerShell to manage your Office 365 and related Microsoft Cloud services. If you’re a more advanced PowerShell user or just looking for new tools to manage Office 2016 deployment and migration, the new Office Deployment Scripts for IT pros resources on GitHub provide a collection of constantly evolving tools and script samples to help.

To see everything in action and learn more, watch this week’s Microsoft Mechanics show and subscribe to Microsoft Mechanics for the latest updates for tech enthusiasts and IT pros spanning Microsoft Azure, Office, servers and the Surface.

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Jeremy Chapman

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