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Office 365 archiving now meets SEC Rule 17a-4 requirements

Update March 2019: A new assessment of Office 365 ability to meet SEC 17a-4 compliance has been completed by Cohasset Associates. See here for more information and to download the report.

Editor’s note 10/5/2016:  Post was updated to reflect updates to featured capabilities.

In-Place Archiving for Office 365 offers vast amounts of storage for our customers. Our innovative In-Place approach coupled with a seamless archiving experience has significant adoption in the marketplace with several million archive mailboxes being used actively in Office 365 today.

While our existing archiving solution serves most scenarios, some of our customers are subject to industry-specific regulatory requirements about record keeping. For example, financial institutions such as banks and broker-dealer organizations are subject to Rule 17a-4 issued by the Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) regarding electronic data storage. Rule 17a-4 has specific requirements pertaining to length, format, quality, availability, accountability and many other aspects of record retention. Whether the archiving solution can support Rule 17a-4 requirements is often a key consideration for SEC-regulated customers in technology adoption.

To help these customers better understand how Office 365 can be leveraged to meet their regulatory obligations, specifically in relation to Rule 17a-4 requirements, we have released an updated white paper that covers not only Exchange Online Archiving but also other key services such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Skype for Business.

The updated white paper provides an in-depth analysis of Office 365 archiving features and functionalities against each of the requirements under Rule 17a-4 and demonstrates to regulated customers how Office 365 archiving can enable them to meet these requirements.

You can download the white paper today.

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