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Archiving third-party data in Office 365 now available

Editor’s note 2/19/2016:
The post was updated to reflect that archiving third-party data in Office 365 is now generally available.

When it comes to ensuring data is stored and protected in accordance with compliance standards, organizations can no longer afford to think about email alone. They must now account for new communications mediums including social media, instant messaging and other collaboration platforms. Governance and regulatory policies have already been updated to reflect the growing influence of these new mediums.

Today we are pleased to announce that archiving third-party data in Office 365 is now available. Announced last year, the third-party archiving capability extends the rich, unlimited archiving capabilities we already provide for email, documents in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business meetings and conversations.

The service is available worldwide to all Office 365 commercial customers. To participate, you simply need to reach out to one of our partners listed below, indicating that you would like Office 365 to be your archiving destination for all third-party data.

The 17a-4’s DataParser is a cost-effective middleware solution with a modular design to collect many different forms of regulated content for compliance with SEC rules and eDiscovery requirements. The DataParser collects data feeds, instant messaging, database content, document management platforms and trading systems for ingestion into Office365 to create a single point of compliance management, discovery and supervisory procedures. The Actiance platform provides real-time policy enforcement, content monitoring and capture of 70+ leading social media, unified communications, collaboration and IM channels. The company services small- to large-sized businesses across all industries and counts among its customers all of the top-10 U.S., top 5 Canadian, top 8 European and top 3 Asian banks.
ArchiveSocial provides 100 percent authentic capture of social media for compliance with regulations such as SEC, FINRA and FOIA. It maintains social media records in pure native format and accurately replays social media conversations and other dynamic content. ArchiveSocial is the trusted solution for hundreds of organizations in regulated industries and the public sector, including the City of Austin, the State of North Carolina and the U.S. Department of Justice. The Daegis AXS-One Archive is a secure, highly scalable archiving solution for managing the preservation, collection, review and disposal of structured and unstructured data—including email, IM, social media, voice, file system, SharePoint and reports. With full support for Microsoft Office 365 content, the AXS-One Archive shines a light on dark data, simplifying and reducing the cost of information governance and eDiscovery while lowering risks related to Enterprise data.
Globanet’s social media and message capture platform—Globanet Merge1™— extends archiving, eDiscovery and compliance to data sources including email, IM, social media, financial and mobile text communications. The product is a dynamic, user-friendly and affordable way to merge all company data streams into a single database. Verba offers the first complete Collaboration Recording solution available today—only Verba provides collaboration compliance, quality management and speech analytics with integrated IM, voice, video call and desktop screen recording in an easy-to-use and cost effective software solution.  Regulated industries the world over have turned to Verba for a one-stop shop for their collaboration recording and compliance needs.

We continue to invite more data capture partners to integrate with Office 365. If you’re a partner who is interested integrating, please email to learn more and participate in this program.

Technical documentation for this is also available here.

—The Office 365 Archiving team

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