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Collaboration in Office—Office for iOS offers productivity on the go!

A critical part of being able to collaborate in Office is the ability to work with others regardless of the platform you are working on or where you are working. With Office for iOS, you can easily find, edit and share documents using your iPhone or iPad!

Get started with Office for iOS

To get the most out of Office for iOS, we recommend that you sign in with your Microsoft account or organizational account for work/school. Not sure if you have an account? Go to the Account tab, tap Sign in and enter the email address associated with your account. If you have an account, then Office for iOS will redirect to the proper sign-in page; if not, then you are guided through the new user set-up process.

Office for iOS 1

Free for everyone

Office for iPhone and iPad is free for everyone. After installing Office on your iOS device, you can read Office documents in high fidelity anywhere you take your device. You can also edit files stored on OneDrive for Personal, Dropbox for Personal and iCloud for free without having a subscription.

Additionally, if your account already comes with an Office 365 subscription, you can unlock more features, such as Track Changes and options for charts and tables. New users can simply tap the Upgrade icon inside the Account tab to start an Office 365 subscription today.

Office for iOS 2

Open files from everywhere

Office for iOS allows users to open files from many different storage locations, such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox and iCloud. To connect to a OneDrive, SharePoint or Dropbox service, go to the Open tab, tap Add a Place and select the corresponding storage service to add.

Office for iOS 3

To open files from iCloud, Google Drive or any supported third party storage service, tap More from the Open tab. Office integrates with the file picker provided by iOS (iOS 8 or above required), and you can edit files from any storage app that opts in for this extension.

Office for iOS 4

Files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint provide the best Office experience by offering features such as co-authoring and easy-share. Every Microsoft account comes with OneDrive for Personal, so start using yours today!

Seamless experience between devices

Today Word, Excel and PowerPoint are available in almost every consumer platform from Windows to iOS. The “Recently used files” and the “Welcome back” features provide seamless transition experiences for those with multiple devices running Office.

Recently used files

The Recent tab in Office displays the most recently opened documents and is synced across devices if the file is stored in OneDrive for SharePoint. Imagine a scenario where you just left work and need to continue working on a document from your phone. The file will be positioned at the top of your recently used items, even if it was opened from another device. In Office for iPhone and iPad, you can also Pin a document to ensure it stays at the top of the list, and this change will reflect across different devices.

Office for iOS 5b

Pick up where you left off

When opening a Word document or PowerPoint presentation, the Welcome back! pop-out takes you back to the last paragraph/slide you were at, allowing you to quickly pick up where you left off. For files stored in OneDrive or SharePoint, this option takes you to your last reading position, even if it was from another device.

Office for iOS 5

Work everywhere

Office for iOS comes with powerful offline support, so you can work on a document even without having a network connection. The green badge in the Recent tab indicates the file is available for offline editing, and Office for iOS automatically saves the changes back to the server when the device becomes online.

Office for iOS 6

Collaboration—easy share

Files stored to OneDrive, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint offer the best collaboration experience. To start sharing a document, simply tap the Share icon inside the Open/Recent tab or from within a document.

Office for iOS 7 - 1

If you have created another document that’s stored locally on your iOS device, all you need to do before you start sharing is upload it to a cloud location. Simply tap the File action icon, select Move to Cloud and then select OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint as your destination.

Office for iOS 8

Outlook attachment quick edit

Even though sharing using links reduces the hassle of merging files and keeps everyone up to date, many files are still sent as attachments, resulting in a tedious process of having to download the file, make and save your edits, re-attach the document and then email it back. This procedure has been dramatically improved within the recent update for Outlook and Office.

The next time you receive a Word, Excel or PowerPoint attachment inside Outlook, simply open the document in the Office app and start editing. When you are done, tap the Back button in Office and the updated file will be available as a draft in Outlook.

Office for iOS 9

Office for iOS 10

Productivity everywhere

Office for iOS offers familiarity to Office users coming from other platforms, with a brand new look that’s optimized for iPhone and iPad. The teams are working hard and continually delivering new features to address customer feedback. Get Office for iOS from App Store today and start collaborating from your iPhone or iPad!

—Hugo Song, program manager for the Office team

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