Booz Allen Hamilton increases staff engagement and collaboration with Office 365 and SharePoint Online

Booz Allen Hamilton has helped its customers solve their most critical strategic problems for more than 100 years, so the company knows what it takes to be successful in a modern business environment. “We bring technology to bear on the most difficult problems,” says Kevin Winter, chief information officer at Booz Allen Hamilton.

When the core of your business is management consulting, employees are constantly on the move. They’ll often need to be onsite with clients but must also remain connected with their colleagues. That’s why Booz Allen Hamilton required a cloud solution that would be as flexible as its employees. The company’s staff needed a way to co-author documents and store work in a shared place. Staff also needed a platform that would support mobility and still provide the same functionality available at the office. “Our staff are very innovative—they will find a solution to a problem they have, and one of the problems they were experiencing was personal storage in the cloud,” says Mike Haney, director of Enterprise Systems Delivery at Booz Allen Hamilton.

The company selected Microsoft Office 365 as its encompassing solution for storage and collaboration. “Settling on OneDrive for Business allowed us to offer [employees] a solution that was seamless and integrated with all the other products that we put forth with Zone,” says Haney. Zone is the company’s intranet, which was created to increase engagement among staff. Haney explains, “Zone is completely built on the Office 365 product set. We use SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Office 365 Video and Delve.”

As a result, Booz Allen now has many capabilities that it was missing before. Employees can publish videos using Office 365 Video and watch them on mobile devices from any location. And with the co-authoring features in OneDrive for Business, the company avoids version control issues, which has increased speed-to-market.

“We’re always working on documents collaboratively—no one ever develops anything all on their own,” says Deborah Youmans, senior manager of Collaboration Development at Booz Allen Hamilton. “By moving to more cloud options, we’re able to stay more current and provide those options to our staff even before they’re asking for them.”

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