Carillion builds engaging communities to improve customer service

Today’s post was written by Lisa Benbow, director of corporate communications for Carillion.

Carillion knows a thing or two about creating communities. Our mission is to make tomorrow a better place for our customers and the communities where we live and work. We are proud to be entrusted with building hospitals, schools, libraries, roads and railways, and with rolling out high speed broadband. We also provide essential services such as cleaning, catering, repair and maintenance that help to make a difference every day for people in all walks of life.

At the heart of all of this are 46,000 Carillion people. Located across the United Kingdom, Canada and the Middle East, our employees work really hard to do a great job for our customers and to bring our values to life on a daily basis. Many of them work remotely at customers’ operations or construction sites, so it’s really important for us to create a strong sense of community and help people to feel part of the Carillion family wherever they are in the world. After all, it’s our people that make the difference for our customers and set us apart from our competitors. We turned to Yammer, part of Microsoft Office 365, to help us bring our people together and strengthen our Carillion community.

Since rolling Yammer out three years ago, our online network has grown to 6,000 users with more than 56 active communities. Yammer helps our people to connect wherever they happen to be in the world, whether it’s at a construction site in the UK or Middle East, or at one of our highway depots in Canada, or in a school, or a mobile engineer’s vehicle. Instead of broadcasting information from the top down, we use Yammer to support peer-to-peer collaboration and innovation. This helps us to engage with our people more effectively, improve operational efficiency and ultimately deliver a better service for our customers. Today, Yammer forms an integrated part of all our communication and engagement campaigns.

Carillion is committed to being the leading integrated support services company and we work closely with customers and suppliers to deliver sustainable solutions that deliver lasting benefits. So our sustainability network managers use Yammer to work together, share best practices and generate excitement and awareness around achieving our goals to reduce carbon emissions, water, waste and travel.

Last year, our 500-strong network of Values Champions used Yammer to connect with each other across the business and share their ideas about how to engage employees with our corporate values. Every year, we hold our annual Values Week, where we encourage employees to share stories of how they brought our corporate values to life, while delivering great service for customers and engaging with local communities. Last year, we used Yammer to create the buzz that comes with social networking to get people involved at the grassroots level. It was an amazing success. The activity on Yammer doubled for Values Week and the number of posts tripled. We engaged more of our people than ever before, sharing stories and photos and connecting with many mobile colleagues via their smart phones, so they were able to participate in Values Week for the first time. Members of our executive team also took part in YamJams, where anyone in the business could ask questions. This open and transparent conversation reinforced our inclusive and open approach and resulted in some lively and fun sessions.

Yammer reinforces our belief that engaged employees are more connected with our company goals and mission and more committed to delivering great service for our customers and the communities we serve. It’s a huge business value.