Sway adds access to “Recent” Office documents, support for Power BI and PollEverywhere.com embeds, text editing updates and more!

As part of our goal to take your feedback and make regular improvements to Sway, we’re excited to announce a number of new updates. Regular monthly updates are part of our commitment to develop Office as a cloud service, so please send us your ideas and questions on our UserVoice page if you want to get involved in making Sway better.

Last month, we introduced the Recycle Bin, Send to Sway for OneNote and more. This month, we have another set of updates to help you more easily find your content, embed new forms of interactive material, adjust text in new, intuitive ways and more. Read on for the details.

Bring Recent Office doc content from your OneDrive to your Sways

You’re already enhancing your Sways by embedding or importing content from your OneDrive or PC. To make it easier to leverage your most recent documents in Sway, we’ve added a Recent view of your Office content stored in OneDrive. It’s now easy to find documents sorted by work you’ve done most recently and then drag and drop them right into your Sway.

Perhaps you want to embed an Excel sheet you just worked on or import the content from the collaborative Word doc you created with classmates. Simply tap or click the Insert tab, select OneDrive from the drop-down and select Recent. Click here for more information on the difference between embedding or importing content from documents.

The Recent documents list also roams with you in the left navigation pane of OneDrive and individual Office applications, such as Word. You can use it now in Sway when you’re signed in with a Microsoft account. We’ll make it available soon for OneDrive for Business when you sign in to Sway with Office 365 work/school accounts. Stay tuned for more!

Sway Feb Image 1 BLOG

Use the Recent list under OneDrive to find your recent documents in OneDrive and embed or import the content to enhance your Sway.

Add Power BI and PollEverywhere.com embeds to enhance your Sways

We’re continuing to expand the list of supported third party web content types you can include in Sway, a part of our goal to grow the variety of interactive multimedia you can include in Sway to help communicate your ideas. Sway already supports a number of web content from other services, such as videos, images, audio clips, maps, documents, Office Mixes and more. Now we’ve added support for two more content types in response to top user feedback requests:

  • Power BI reports—Pull in powerful, visual and interactive analytics to your internal or external Sway business reports, presentations, newsletters and more by including Power BI data visualizations and dynamic, sophisticated dashboards. This helps continue to address popular requests to expand Sway support for charts and graphs.
  • PollEverywhere.com live polls—In response to a popular request, particularly from teachers, now you can add a live poll to your class lecture or stage presentation. Simply set up a poll, embed it in your Sway and then ask your audience to respond via the web or text message. Watch as the poll in your Sway updates immediately with live results!

We’ll keep expanding the list of supported embed types in response to your feedback, so keep it coming! In the meantime, check out this help article to see the full list of supported sites and more details. And swipe horizontally through this Sway to see an example of an embedded Power BI report:

Now you can embed powerful interactive data visualizations from Power BI into Sway to tell your organization’s story with rich analytics (scroll through the Sway to view).

Embed your Sways across the web more easily

We made it easier for you to embed your Sways alongside other content on sites across the Internet, such as blogs, professional websites and more. Sway is now supported by Embed.ly and oEmbed, enabling you to easily transform links into embedded content. This means that if you want to embed a Sway on a web page you’re creating with a third party service that supports Embed.ly or oEmbed (such as WordPress.com), you can simply paste the Sway URL. The Sway is embedded on the web page without you having to copy and paste a longer, iframe-formatted embed code.

Of course, you can still get iframe-formatted embed code for any Sway you view by tapping or clicking the Share icon, selecting Get embed code and then copying and pasting the iframe embed code into a site that supports or requires embeds in that format. In fact, that’s how we’ve embedded the Power BI example Sway above in this blog.

It’s easier to adjust text in your Sway in multiple ways

Sway’s design engine creates polished, professional designs in minutes for your content. We made it easier, more natural and intuitive to specify your intentions to Sway on how to adjust the formatting for your text.

Use full text editing features in Preview mode—You could already make text edits right while you work in Preview mode, but now we improved the experience by adding the full set of text editing options already available from the Sway Storyline. While in Preview, simply tap or click a set of text and select Edit to display the editing box. Whether you’re making a quick tweak or crafting longer-form text right on the Sway canvas, this update helps you work faster, in context.

Sway Feb Image 2

It’s easy to make quick edits to a Sway directly in Preview mode with the full set of text editing options.

Emphasize an entire text CardSway already lets you emphasize specific words or phrases in a text Card to make them stand out. Now we’ve made it easy to use one tap or click to emphasize an entire text Card with additional visual styling to make it stand out even more, beyond what you could do by manually highlighting and emphasizing all of the text in the Card. Simply select the larger emphasis icon (next to the delete icon) to emphasize the entire text Card. This also works for easily emphasizing any other type of Card as well.

Sway Feb Image 3 BLOG

Select the larger emphasis icon to add additional visual emphasis styling to an entire text Card.

Adjust the text size for your entire Sway—Now it’s possible to adjust the overall text size in your Sway wholesale, while still respecting relative adjustments you’ve made in individual text Cards. In the Design tab, select Customize and then adjust the Text size slider as desired.

Sway Feb Image 4 BLOG

Adjust the overall text size in your Sway wholesale with the Text size slider.

Sway for Windows 10 PCs/tablets update available soon

We’re continuing to update Sway for Windows 10 PCs/tablets. Another updated version will soon be available to download from the Windows Store, which includes the following improvements:

Recycle BinWe brought a Recycle Bin to Sway on the web last month and soon you will be able to access it in Sway for Windows 10 as well. Any Sways that you delete are moved to the Recycle Bin, so you can recover them again for up to 30 days.

Full-Screen improvements—Now when you press Play and present or view a Sway in full-screen mode, your device won’t go to sleep. This can be particularly helpful when you’re presenting a lecture in front of a class or on stage!

Text editing improvements—Just like in Sway on the web, you will be able to access full text editing options while in Preview mode, emphasize an entire text Card and adjust the relative font size for your entire Sway using the Text size slider. See above in this blog for more details.

Miscellaneous—We’re making additional bug fixes.

Sway Feb Image 5

Sway for Windows 10 will include a number of new capabilities, including the Recycle Bin.

Look out for the updated Sway for Windows 10 PCs/tablets or try out these updates in Sway on the web today! We’ll keep the improvements coming—stay tuned for more Sway blogs and follow Sway using the info below. And of course, please keep the great feedback coming on UserVoice! We love hearing how you use Sway, as well as what you’d like to see us do to improve it.

Sway team, @Sway

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