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Microsoft 365

Wolters Kluwer promotes global collaboration using Office 365

Today’s post was written by Andrew Lang, executive vice president and global CIO for Wolters Kluwer.

Andrew Lang imageWhen I joined Wolters Kluwer just over two years ago, I was excited to be part of a company in the midst of a global transformation. Ten years ago, 55 percent of our business came from print and we operated in a distributed organizational model. Today, our transformation journey is aided by driving more value, leveraging technology to move from static content to digital content, workflow software and, most recently, big data and analytics. It is an exciting challenge to leverage IT to support the business in this transformation. One of our recent key investments towards helping our 19,000 employees to work together across a wide breadth of business services—legal, business, tax, accounting, audit, risk, compliance and health—is Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 helps us to share knowledge between regions, countries and business units easily, to connect and collaborate, and to give employees flexibility in how and where they work in order to maximize productivity and support our “One Wolters Kluwer” approach, which means a common, consistent way of working across our company.

Operating in 170 countries, we have to be available wherever our customers need us. So we are using Office 365 to provide a modern, mobile and connected workplace that enables our employees to work anytime, anywhere, using many devices. This helps them serve our customers better. We believe that easy access to documents and colleagues promotes the kind of idea-generating dialogue that supports our culture of collaboration and innovation. The better we can work together across all our business units to share and leverage best practices and new ideas to help fulfill our customers’ needs, the more we improve our competitive standing in the global marketplace.

We have migrated three-quarters of our employees worldwide and we have received end user satisfaction scores of almost 85 percent across the company. People began using Skype for Business to chat from day one, and with the growing use of desktop voice and video conferencing across our business units, we expect to reduce travel expenses.

OneDrive for Business allows employees to streamline content development and produce our deliverables faster. That’s because employees take advantage of the real-time simultaneous editing and document storage capabilities in OneDrive for Business, instead of emailing draft versions around the world.

Since we are well known for serving customers with our governance, risk and compliance solutions, naturally we looked at Office 365 to help us manage risk compliance internally and reduce our reliance on third-party products. We’ve introduced the data loss protection and rights management services to streamline existing workflows and improve our overall security and compliance position. This is especially useful when we send out communications to our customers that include sensitive information.

Microsoft Services has provided us with excellent support throughout our journey to the cloud. Working together, Microsoft Services and our partner, Avanade, helped us establish our Office 365 migration plan, and continue to provide post-migration and user adoption assistance. Now we are working together to plan promotional events around the world, including podcasts and training, to highlight all the new Office 365 capabilities to our employees.

Although we looked at other cloud-based collaboration solutions, for us the entire suite of Office products felt like a logical step forward. It’s been exciting to see how Office 365 can help transform our workplace and drive the enterprise connectivity that’s so critical to achieving our goals. It is already evident how standardization and global collaboration can help speed to market our more cost-efficient, higher quality solutions. Office 365 supports us in our journey to become “One Wolters Kluwer.”

—Andrew Lang

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