Sway featured story #1—”The Art of the Brick”

Part of Sway’s team mission is to empower everyone to bring their stories to life and captivate audiences through a medium that is dynamic, interactive and looks great on any screen. For this blog series, we partnered with Melcher Media to create exemplary pieces that make the best use of Sway’s fluidity and vibrancy—with the aim of showcasing subjects that we think are larger than life.

Our first featured Sway is on Nathan Sawaya, one of the most innovative and interesting artists in the world today. Nathan is likely the most cutting-edge LEGO artist out there and has created works for Lady Gaga, Bill Clinton and Warner Bros., to name a few. On top of noteworthy projects, Nathan’s global touring exhibit “The Art of the Brick,” pushes the boundaries of LEGO bricks as a creative medium and gives fans—both young and old—a new look into how creativity can unlock possibilities previously unseen.

We felt it fitting to partner with Nathan for our first featured story because his work embraces several of our team principles, such as working with new mediums and helping people tap into their creativity. We also wanted to exhibit how Sway is best-in-class at bringing together the different elements of his craft—through photos, videos, text and animations—into a cohesive narrative that hopefully brings justice to his story and his art.

For our loyal fans and first-time users, we hope you enjoy our piece on Nathan Sawaya: a fascinating look into the artist, his story and what keeps him going.

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