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Announcing content viewing for Skype for Business on Android and updates to iOS

Today, we’re pleased to announce an update to the Skype for Business apps for Android and iOS, including the ability to view meeting content on Android and improvements to the meeting experience on both platforms, even when you are experiencing spotty Internet connectivity.

Content viewing now on Android and enhanced on iOS

You can now view a presenter’s desktop and applications shared in a meeting on your Skype for Business app for Android phones and tablets. When viewing content during a meeting on your Android device, the meeting controls disappear, so that you can focus on the content without distractions. A light tap on the screen will bring back the controls when you need them.

Announcing content viewing for Skype for Business on Android and updates to iOS 1

We have also greatly improved the content viewing experience on the Skype for Business app for iOS. Faster content refresh now allows for a smoother meeting experience—you’ll notice less delay between the presenter’s view and the content displayed on your device. The latest update also reduces the app’s battery consumption while you are viewing meeting content. Our test results show an improvement of up to 10–15 percent.

We’ll continue to improve the meeting experience on the go. In an upcoming update, we will roll out the ability to view uploaded PowerPoint presentations on your Android device.

Stay connected to your meetings—even in spotty network conditions

We’ve also improved the ability for you to stay connected to a meeting on your iOS or Android device, even if you experience poor Internet connectivity. You now have the option to easily switch the meeting to your cellular line in case of weak Wi-Fi or data connection. The app proactively lets you know when your network might be affecting your meeting experience and provides you the option of having the meeting call you back on your configured mobile phone number. This is available on iOS and Android for all users who have Enterprise Voice enabled.

Announcing content viewing for Skype for Business on Android and updates to iOS 2

Upgrade your app today

In most cases, you should automatically be getting our app updates. If your updates are set to manual, make sure you get the latest version from the Google Play or Apple Store. If you are not yet using Skype for Business on your mobile phone or tablet, download and start using it today.

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