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Driving successful adoption of Office 365 at Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald provides engineering, management and development consultancy services for some of the world’s most challenging and complex projects, from hydropower plants in Peru and Vietnam to the Channel Tunnel connecting England and France. Collaboration is at the heart of success for this Croydon, UK–based company. The company needed an integrated digital solution that would help drive innovation and productivity by streamlining collaboration, increasing efficiency and enhancing mobility for its global workforce. Office 365 was the answer.

The company knew that implementing Office 365 would be just the first step on its journey, and that driving adoption of the new platform would be critical. Simon Denton, a business architect at Mott MacDonald, has been helping to lead the charge around end-user adoption. He turned to Microsoft FastTrack* for insight and resources.

Denton was already aware of the FastTrack team from its previous support of the company’s email migration. “I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that FastTrack is not a special offer of short-term support—that it’s with us for the life of our subscription,” Denton says. “I find the service invaluable.”

In fact, Mott MacDonald is using the FastTrack adoption methodology from start to finish. Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like:

  1. Lead with business objectives—“With our company mission as our foundation,” Denton says, “we ultimately landed on this as our Office 365 vision statement: ‘Create more agile responses to clients with anytime, anywhere access to your personal workplace and our collective knowledge and expertise. The powerful tools in Office 365 help you communicate, collaborate and get more done.’”
  1. Have a plan—Mott MacDonald followed the key steps outlined in the FastTrack materials and adjusted them as necessary to accommodate its objectives. For example, Denton concluded the company needed to enlist a network of champions, orchestrate a soft launch of Office 365 before the official rollout and establish a Yammer group where the champions could answer questions, gather feedback and share ideas and best practices.
  1. Take action—A crucial component of executing any adoption plan is training, and Mott MacDonald is taking a multifaceted approach to training employees to use the new tools, using a blend of videos, webinars, online courses, email, drop-in workshops and other methods to appeal to different learning styles and to reach employees in multiple time zones.

“We’re doing a series of communication and education programs on different aspects of the new system, devoting one week to each component,” says Darren Russell, digital transformation director at Mott MacDonald. The company is also taking steps to increase awareness and generate excitement for what’s ahead. For example, its launch video, “Your digital workplace,” demonstrates how it envisions Office 365 will work for its employees.

  1. Measure and motivate—Mott MacDonald is conducting internal surveys to assess user satisfaction with Office 365 and to help measure its success in adopting the new tools. “Use cases are also coming to light in the course of employees’ everyday work,” Denton says. “When people do something well on a project, they share it on Yammer. So we’re using this new tool to see how we can learn from that experience.”

To get the rest of the story, read the full case study.

To learn more about FastTrack, visit and become familiar with what our customer-success service has to offer.

*FastTrack is available to customers with 50 seats and above with eligible plans. Refer to FastTrack Center Benefit for Office 365 for eligibility details.

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