Get started in the cloud with the new IT Pro Cloud Essentials

As the IT profession continues its transition to leveraging more and more cloud services and technologies, we’re introducing the new IT Pro Cloud Essentials program to give you a better experience on the journey with access to professional training, extended trials, Azure credit and priority support. Last week, Mike Neil announced the program on the Server & Cloud blog, but this also helps IT pros focused on Office 365 and supporting services.

Technologies born in the cloud are transformative opportunities for you to support the needs of your organization. As an IT pro, people look to you to be the first to know about new technologies, and you are vital to technology adoption.

With IT Pro Cloud Essentials, you get exclusive access to extended trials, both Office 365 for 60 days and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) for 90 days. Part of evaluating the cloud is also testing out your infrastructure—like SharePoint, hosted Office apps and more—in the cloud. Sign up before September 30, 2016 and for three months we give you $100 per month of Azure credits.

Beyond the trial experiences, you also get access to curated training resources from Microsoft and Pluralsight, the new IT pro career center, priority support in selected TechNet forums and a technical support call.

IT Pro Cloud Essentials gives you hands-on access to perform a deeper evaluation of Microsoft cloud services across Office 365, Azure and beyond. Highly customized Office 365 environments can leverage services like Intune as part of EMS to manage Office on mobile devices, Azure Active Directory to enable new management scenarios, and Azure Infrastructure as a service to build out hybrid architectures. This program lets you build out more complex environments to perform comprehensive testing.

So check out the new IT Pro Cloud Essentials site and sign up.

—Jeremy Chapman