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GigJam Preview is now available for everyone

Today’s post was written by Vijay Mital, general manager of the Ambient Computing team.

We’re pleased to announce that the GigJam Preview is now available to everyone on Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Start using GigJam today—you no longer need an invitation. GigJam is a product coming to Office 365 later this year for people with a co-working mindset. It empowers you to spontaneously and ephemerally involve others in your work.

Need to discuss a draft contract with a customer? Just send over the right paragraphs to their phone, no need to send the entire file. Need a vendor’s help to fill in order details? Pull up the Salesforce order and related emails, hide the price and beam over the information to their phone to edit. In a huddle? Show a draft brochure to your designer, but only the text to your copywriter. Even bring a photographer into the session to pool photo options onto your designer’s phone so that they can choose the best fit for the brochure.

GigJam breaks down artificial barriers between devices, apps and people. In this new world, work becomes communal, with each person free to summon, divvy up and share just what they want, for only as long as they need, using any device.

Watch the following videos to see some examples of how GigJam lets you change the way you work on mobile devices.

Get feedback on a document in real-time at a mixer:

Get a vendor’s help updating order details in your line-of-business application:

Early feedback from our customers

Since announcing the invitation preview last month, thousands of customers have experienced GigJam.

Here’s what some of our early customers are saying:

“When sharing your phone, you’re always nervous about notifications, since you don’t know what they’ll bring, but with GigJam I can focus someone on what they need to know and nothing more.”
Sergio Prado, co-founder of BodBot

“Each person in our co-selling chain needs to see different parts of our predictive analytics. Now, even in the same meeting, GigJam lets me decide who sees what.”
Vijay Kasireddy, CEO of Fiind, Inc.

“At conferences, I’m stuck handing my device back and forth, worrying about the other person seeing something I don’t want them to. It’s a missed opportunity and not an ideal way to involve people. GigJam allows me to involve others while retaining full control.”
Bob Piper, vice president of Sales and Business Development at MPIRICA Health Analytics

Get the GigJam Preview

Get the GigJam Preview at and from the iOS App Store. Visit the GigJam UserVoice community to tell us about your experiences or suggest new capabilities. We also invite you to tweet us at @gigjamapp with the hashtag #thatsmygig to share your best GigJam moments.

We are targeting general availability as part of Office 365 later this year, so please stay tuned!

—Vijay Mital

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