Learn how Docs.com can be used in the classroom to share your work

Docs.com is the easiest way to create a visually appealing online portfolio that can include OneNote notebooks, Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint slide decks, interactive Sways, PDFs and a host of web content. Docs.com retains all your Office documents’ rich formatting, animations and formulas and can be easily shared to your school or to the world.

We have been gathering feedback from thousands of amazing teachers and students around the globe to ensure that the experience can meet your needs.

We’ve seen teachers create lessons on Docs.com by posting documents, images, videos, 3D models and other relevant content from the web. We also have seen students put together their most prized work and add to larger class collections to give them a permanent home on the web.

How Docs.com helps in the classroom

Docs.com lets teachers and students organize and publish their Office documents. Later on, content can be curated and bundled into collections, giving the content a stylish look and feel you can share with the world. Teachers use collections to showcase their students’ best work, organize supplemental resources for their lessons and share conference materials and school newsletters to parents.

Learn how Docs com can be used in the classroom to share your work 1

Docs.com journals provide teachers and students a forum to express their personalities and talk about their work. Whether it’s for a teacher’s blog or a student’s reflection, journals make it easy to update your audience on your latest work. And with the power of Sway, journals look great on all devices. Journals can also be made discoverable on search engines and are easily shareable through email or social media.

Learn how Docs com can be used in the classroom to share your work 2

Finally, Docs.com comes with built-in analytics that lets teachers and students see how their work is impacting the world. Students are rewarded when they see their work reaching hundreds of people around the world.

Learn how Docs com can be used in the classroom to share your work 3

Interested in finding out more? Check out this video to learn how Docs.com is helping Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and teacher at Renton Preparatory Christian School, and her class!

You can also find other wonderful use cases from teachers in the Docs.com collection. Browse quality content from other professionals in the education space. Find materials to download and keep; share to colleagues, parents or students; or modify for your specific needs. Follow favorite contributors to stay current with their latest work in this “content-based social network.” It’s a great way for teachers to discover lessons from other teachers around the world!

AVID, a global non-profit with a 36-year proven track record of increasing student achievement, has decided to leverage docs.com to create and share best practices for all teachers. “We are looking forward to being able to leverage Microsoft’s cloud offering Docs.com to make it easier for teachers and students to incorporate technology use and skills in the classroom,” commented Thuan Nguyen, executive vice president for AVID. Additional details on product launch and access revealed at next week’s International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference being held in Denver, Colorado.

Announcing “Organization Visibility” for publishing to Docs.com

We’ve been hearing from teachers about how some of their content is not quite ready to be shared outside of their school or district. Keeping things a little more private sometimes makes students and teachers feel safer about distributing their work. Because of this, we are rolling out the Organization Visibility feature—giving you more granular control over who can see your class content.

With Organization Visibility, only people who sign in with an Office 365 work or school account from the same organization can view your content. Docs will not appear in the search results or to users who aren’t signed in from your school or district. This is a perfect option to share class projects or photos that are not intended for the broader public. Of course, you can still set your content visibility to “Public” to get the broadest reach or to “Limited” so only people who are given your link can view your work—like when you want to share your students’ work with their parents.

Learn how Docs com can be used in the classroom to share your work 4

Get started with Docs.com today

Teachers and students can get started right away. Just use your Office 365 school account, Microsoft account or Facebook account to sign in to Docs.com. Try it out and share your valuable feedback with us so we can keep improving the product experience!

—Docs.com team