Over 35 LMS, SIS and gradebook partners are now working with OneNote Class Notebook

Since we launched the original OneNote Class Notebook add-in for assignment and grade integration, with Learning Management Systems (LMS), Student Information Systems (SIS) and gradebooks, we’ve had many excited teachers and schools try it out. We also heard more and more teachers ask for Class Notebook integration with other systems they use in their classrooms. We’ve been busy working with partners from around the world over the last couple of months, and today, we are excited to share our most up-to-date list of partners.

We are announcing over 35 partners that have committed to work with OneNote, with over 20 implemented and many more coming soon. To see this list of committed partners, please visit our OneNote partner website. And if you don’t see your LMS, SIS or gradebook on this list, be sure to email us at classnotebook@onenote.uservoice.com. Download the latest version of the Class Notebook add-in, which has the most up-to-date set of partners working for assignments and grading.

Class Notebook add-in assignment and grading partners.

To see an educator demonstrating the assignment and grade integration, watch this video:

A new website for SIS and OneNote integration

We also are launching a new website to allow teachers and schools to integrate OneNote with their SIS. The new SIS partner website allows school IT administrators to set up the SIS to properly work with OneNote for assignment and grade integration. After the SIS information is added by the IT admin, it’s easy for any teacher to quickly connect OneNote.

Here are a few examples demonstration videos of some new SIS partners:

Visit www.onenote.com/sis to learn more, or have your school IT administrator visit and add your SIS today!

We also have a new version of the Class Notebook add-in that has a few improvements, including the ability to map students, which can allow teachers to ensure that the student names in the Class Notebook match the student names in the LMS/SIS/gradebook. Sometimes the names may be slightly different (e.g., “Jim” vs. “James”), so now you can ensure they are properly mapped.

OneNote partners 2

OneNote partners 3

We hope you try out the new Class Notebook add-in to access all of the latest partner integrations and new capabilities!