Your dream job is out there—here’s how tech can help you find it

Graduation is over, summer is in full swing and all you’re thinking about is summer concerts, pool time and road trips—right? Well if you’re a recent grad that still hasn’t landed a job or internship, you probably have one thought looming on your mind and ruining the fun: what are you going to do with the rest of your life?

So, we commissioned a survey* of 1,000 18 to 25-year-olds and asked for their thoughts on the job search process. Their responses inspired us to team up with the digital print and design company MOO and to sponsor career expert Maxie McCoy to create a package of resources, inspiration and advice to help you stand out with recruiters and hiring managers in today’s job market—all available at

Our survey results told us many new job seekers have high hopes of landing a job in hot markets like New York, San Francisco and Seattle. They want meaningful work where they can express themselves creatively. They’re also looking for a rich life beyond work—nearly 40 percent of those surveyed said “finding work-life balance” was their biggest priority when looking for the perfect job.

Moving from school to work-life can also bring with it anxiety. Financial stability and landing a dream job or internship were top concerns, along with the tactics of job-seeking like creating an effective resume and having a successful Skype interview.

On this last point, Microsoft and Maxie have your back. We put together our best tips for how to design a show-stopping resume and how to have an unforgettable Skype interview. We also worked together with MOO to create new cover letter and resume templates** in Microsoft Word. And because over 30 percent of respondents surveyed are considering an online-only resume, we’ve created blog post, portfolio and resume templates in the digital storytelling app, Sway.

Your dream job is out there 2

We’ve always designed Skype and Office tools with the needs of students and workers in mind, but we hope these new resources provide the extra boost needed to stand out and land that dream job.

So, before you go back to soaking up the sun, check out our new templates, and find more career advice and inspiration from Maxie at Tweet us @Office and @Skype and use the hashtag, #dreamjob. We’d love to hear what you think.

*Online survey conducted by Ipsos. General population sample of college and post-grad-aged males and females, 18-25 years old. June 2016.
**Word templates are optimized for Office 2013 or later.