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Office 365 news roundup

At the annual Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) last week, Microsoft partners from every part of the globe heard about our newest innovations and how they can use Office 365 to transform their customers’ businesses while building their own. One of the highlights at WPC was when Facebook CIO Tim Campos took the stage to explain why his fast-growing company is using Office 365 to enhance productivity, collaboration and mobility for its global workforce.

One of the great things about WPC and the other conferences that Microsoft hosts throughout the year is that they bring together a community of like-minded people who want to learn more about Office 365 and our other products. Yet, as valuable as those conferences are, they are not the only good way for you to engage with your peers on issues related to Office 365. We recently announced the public preview of the Office 365 Network, an online community where IT pros, technical experts, product enthusiasts and Office 365 customers can come together to share information and best practices.

Three other announcements also underscore the value of keeping up-to-date on Office 365 news. Earlier this week, we announced the preview of Microsoft Stream, a new business video service that makes it easier to access and discover video content inside your organization and to integrate video with business workflows. Microsoft Stream builds upon the success of Office 365 Video and eventually the two experiences will converge. Meanwhile, Office 365 Video won’t change. In addition, we extended the Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Policy Tips to OneDrive mobile apps for Android, iOS and Universal Windows, which will let organizations empower their employees to work anywhere, at any time, while helping to protect their content. Further, we introduced a new Office 365 service called Microsoft Bookings to help make appointment scheduling simpler and more efficient for you, your staff and your customers. Bookings allows customers to schedule time with your business directly online and make self-service changes, while providing you a centralized booking calendar for a complete view of upcoming appointments.

As we keep improving Office 365 with updates, enhancements and new features, we will also continue to offer multiple opportunities for you to learn more and share information about the service.

Below is a roundup of some key news items from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

CSC elevates workplace agility, cultivates new market opportunities with Office 365—Discover why CSC, an IT services company, is using Office 365 to redesign its global workplace into a flexible, connected and mobile environment.

Why Facebook is betting on Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud—Learn how Facebook is using Office 365 to help its global workforce connect and collaborate more securely and efficiently.

Discovery Communications embraces Office 365 to foster creative culture of innovation—Find out how a leading entertainment company is using Office 365 to promote collaboration and unleash creativity.

Guardian Industries—connect, collaborate and innovate from anywhere—Discover how this global company is using Office 365 to “out-innovate” the competition.

Kennametal saves more than $750,000 annually with move to Skype for Business Online—Learn how Kennametal saved money while expanding capabilities by switching from traditional telephony to Skype for Business Online.

Momentum, opportunity highlight Microsoft Office 365 messaging at WPC—At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in July, partners learned how they can profit by integrating Office 365 into other solutions and building their own custom offerings on top.

Back on top: Microsoft owns the modern office again—Find out how Microsoft’s mobile-first, cloud-first, multiplatform approach has made Office 365 the king of productivity apps.

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