Stay safe in the cloud with Office 365 E5 plan

When data is in the cloud, organizations need a trusted partner to help defend against potential attacks. Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan—with Advanced Threat Protection and Advanced Security Management—helps protect data and users from malware and detect anomalies, so IT can quickly respond to potential attacks.

Advanced Threat Protection helps protect organizations from unknown malware and viruses. Advanced Threat Protection includes three key capabilities:

  • Safe Attachments—Protects against unknown malware and viruses by opening documents attached to emails in cordoned-off virtual environments to detect malicious behavior.
  • Safe Links—Provides real-time, time-of-click protection against malicious URLs by wrapping external links in special URLs that check the destination URL for threats before opening them.
  • Click Trace—Provides rich reporting and URL trace capabilities by keeping a record of every user who has clicked a Safe Link-wrapped URL for additional protection.

With Advanced Security Management, security administrators have access to the granular controls and policies they need to monitor access and reduce the possibility of attacks. Advanced Security Management provides these three functions:

  • General Anomaly Detection alerts and granular activity policies—Helps admins react quickly to suspicious activity with Advanced Security Alerts.
  • App Permissions—Enables IT to approve or revoke access for third-party apps or services that users authorize to connect to Office 365.
  • Cloud App Discovery—Enables IT to monitor what cloud services users connect to, so they can gain insights, identify anomalies and manage risky behavior.

Watch this video to see how Office 365 E5 plan helps safeguard organizations, so they can stay up and running. You can also download this infographic to see how Office 365 helps organizations stay ahead of the threats of tomorrow.