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Microsoft 365

Office 365 news roundup

There is no such thing as a typical Office user. More than 1.2 billion people in 140 countries now use Office. They speak 107 languages and they differ widely in education, income, occupation and ability. As a result, Office 365 has to be much more than a one-size-fits-all productivity solution. It must meet the needs of all users, and we’re committed to making sure it does.

As part of our ongoing effort to meet the communication, collaboration and other productivity needs of every subscriber, we are continuing to make regular updates and improvements to Office 365. As an example, recent enhancements to Office 365 have brought us closer to two key goals outlined in our 2016 accessibility roadmap. With more than a billion people with disabilities worldwide, it is essential that:

  • People with disabilities can communicate, consume and create content on any device.
  • Everyone can easily create content that is accessible for all people.

Business users are sure to appreciate several enhancements we’re making in Outlook on the web to help Office 365 customers better understand the people with whom they are communicating. Now, instead of just storing information such as a person’s phone number and email address in your contacts, you can use Outlook to fully understand who a person is, how you know them, where they fit in their organization, which projects and people they are associated with, and how you have communicated with them in the past. Improved search also makes it easier for you to quickly find the person or people most relevant to your query.

Another notable example of how we’re improving Office 365 is a series of new inking capabilities we’ve added to OneNote—from a digital tutor that can help you tackle the toughest math problems to a new pencil feature that lets you sketch your ideas with more depth and detail than ever before. We’ve also given Excel a powerful new set of features based on Power Query technology.

If you’re not already using Office 365, try it on for size. Chances are you’ll find it’s a perfect fit.

Below is a roundup of some key news items from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

In China, Didi Chuxing and Microsoft Office 365 keep business moving—Learn how China’s leading ride-hailing service is using Office 365 to help customers avoid gridlock and reach their destinations on time.

Grundfos makes global business happen with Office 365—Find out how this global company is using Office 365 to provide a more connected, agile and mobile workplace.

Assurant: transforming a risk management solutions business with Office 365—Discover why Assurant chose to transform its business with Office 365.

Inking updates and Visio’s expansion highlight August 2016 updates to Office 365—Learn about the newest updates and improvements to Office 365.

Microsoft acquisition of Genee to accelerate intelligent experiences in Office 365—Find out how Genee, an artificial intelligence–powered scheduling service, may augment the productivity capabilities of Office 365.

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