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Football season is here! Outlook helps you track the games that matter

Football season has started, and that means warming up the grill, pulling out the jersey and having friends over for the big day. But keeping track of the games you care about can be challenging. With over 100 college teams, 32 pro teams and a host of bowls, playoffs and championships, staying on top of the season can be tough. Outlook and Bing make it easy.

In August, we announced Interesting calendars in Outlook on the web to help track a range of events, and we’ve got you covered for football. Whether it’s your college alma mater, the pro team you’ve followed since you were a kid or key games in your fantasy league, it’s easy to stay on top of the action simply by adding all the games for your favorite teams to your calendar.

To add your team’s schedule to your or Office 365 calendar simply:

  1. Log in to Outlook on the web.
  2. View your calendar and then click Add calendar.
  3. Select Interesting calendar.
  4. Select Sports, the sport category and then your favorite team.

Interesting calendars Football

From your inbox, display your calendar, select Interesting calendar and go from there.

Once added, your events are synced across all your devices and automatically updated if there is a change in the schedule. There’s a lot of football between now and January—we want you to know when your team is playing next.

Frequently asked questions

Q. When will this feature be available?

A. You can start adding your team’s games today.

Q. Which regions can access Interesting calendars?

A. Users in North America. We’ll be adding more regions over time.

Q. Which users have access to these features?

A. These experiences are available for users with Office 365 subscriptions that include Exchange Online and those users with new or upgraded accounts.

Q. Where will I see the events?

A. Once a team’s schedule has been added to your calendar, the games will sync across all your devices that use the same account.