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Crash course on boosting productivity with Office 365 plus live Q&A

With our modern-day mobile workforce, more and more employees are working from home and on the go. We’ve become accustomed to hosting online meetings and collaborating in the cloud. To help you expand the digital capabilities of your team, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Office 365 Live Demo webinar series. These free 30-minute live webinars show you how to leverage Office 365 apps to become more productive with your remote teams.

Here are a few topics we will cover:

Host more captivating online meetings

Truly engaging virtual meetings are ones in which everyone is participating and sharing information. Learn how you can use PowerPoint and Skype to create and present organized presentations that allow all participants to collaborate online. Using the built-in features that we’ll highlight in the live demo, you’ll learn how to work with these tools to facilitate two-way conversations.

Take your number crunching to the next level

Transform your company’s data into insights by putting everything in one place. Building a dashboard with Excel and Power BI to track and monitor your company’s data has never been easier. Learn how to implement your new data control center and set your whole organization up for success.

Collaborate more effectively with your team

Is all the time spent sharing files with your team starting to add up? With the right tricks and shortcuts, we can help you cut through the clutter, freeing up your time and storage space. For example, we will explore how OneDrive and Office 365 can give you more online cloud storage and boost your mobile productivity.

Bonus—talk directly with the experts at every session

Get your questions answered on the spot—direct from the source. At each live demo, we’re creating a space for you to talk with our Microsoft product experts. During the live Q&A, resident experts will show you how Office 365 can help meet your business software needs.

Understanding how the right technological tools can help propel your business forward is the first step to improving your team’s workflow. Familiarize yourself with the tools you need at free live sessions that you can attend from anywhere you have internet access.

Want to attend but can’t make a scheduled live session? We’ve got you covered. All webinars are free and available both live and on demand. Register today at: Office 365 Live Demo webinar series.

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