Office 365 news roundup

What do workers in small, medium-size and enterprise organizations have in common? They all want productivity tools that can help them work smarter and collaborate more effectively, from almost any location and on almost any device. That’s exactly what Office 365 is designed to deliver.

During the past few weeks, we have introduced several new features to enhance the capabilities of Office 365. Last month at Ignite 2016, we updated attendees on Office 365 Groups, our complete group collaboration solution. And just this week we made another announcement tied to the integration of Yammer and Office 365 Groups. Now, you can create and co-author Office documents from within a Yammer group, and browse your SharePoint and OneDrive libraries to share files and start discussions with their teams on Yammer.

We recently announced a limited preview of the new Office 365 adoption content pack, which combines the intelligence of usage reports from the new Office 365 admin center with the interactive reporting capabilities of Power BI to help you get the most out of Office 365. The Office 365 adoption content pack enables you to visualize and analyze Office 365 usage data, create custom reports, share the insights within your organization and pivot by attributes such as location and department. We also announced the rollout of new auditing and reporting capabilities for Yammer, to give organizations more visibility and control over their data within the cloud services they use. These new capabilities are powered by the Office 365 Management Activity API and the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center.

We also provide resources to help you use Office 365 more effectively. Two of our most recent additions are the Office 365 Live Demo webinar series and the Office 365 Enterprise test lab guides. The webinar series is designed to help organizations use Office 365 to boost the productivity of their remote teams. The test lab guides help organizations configure Office 365 features specifically tailored for the needs of enterprises, and create a working dev/test environment they can use for further experimentation.

Below is a roundup of some key news items from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

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