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Visio Online—anywhere, anytime access to your diagrams

Updated 2/15/2023: You can now create and edit diagrams in Visio Online. Please read the Overview of Visio Online to learn more about these capabilities.

Mobility is paramount in today’s business environment. That’s why we’re excited to announce Microsoft Visio Online, which enables users to share and view Visio diagrams in high fidelity from almost any device using their favorite browser. Today, Visio Online opens the online viewing experience to almost all Office 365 commercial users, boosting productivity for everyone on your team, no matter where they’re working. In addition to Visio Online, we’ve released JavaScript APIs for IT professionals to extend Visio capabilities to meet specific user needs.

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Visio in Microsoft 365

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The Visio team has steadily released more and more features to increase mobility across your organization. In November 2016, we brought Visio Online public preview for a group of Office 365 users—and their feedback was fantastic! Since then, we’ve enabled Visio Online for VSD file format and for users who are using email through Exchange Online,, and Hotmail. In addition to online viewing, we’re excited to announce commenting for Visio Online, giving you and your team a place to review and discuss process flows, shape data, and more without switching windows.

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Figure 1. Add comments to Visio diagrams from your browser.

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We are also releasing Visio JavaScript APIs that extend the capabilities of Visio Online for developers. Using these APIs, IT professionals can now build rich mashup solutions to meet their organization’s specific needs.

The APIs enable programmatic access to the embedded Visio Online diagrams in a SharePoint Online page. Developers can use them to interact with Visio diagram elements—like pages and shapes—expose diagram data, write custom handlers for mouse events, create visual mark-ups on the diagram canvas, and more. As a mashup example, developers can create a custom overlay, such as a list of steps required to complete before moving forward in a process, that appears when users select or hover over a diagram shape.

More features of Visio Online, including Tree View of Processes, Process Owner, and Process Purpose diagram.

Figure 2. Embed Visio Online diagrams into SharePoint Online using JavaScript APIs.

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