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Microsoft 365
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Gallup chooses Microsoft 365 Enterprise to build on its culture of engagement

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Today’s post was written by Melissa Moreno, executive director of Infrastructure and Cyber Security at Gallup.

Profile picture of Melissa Moreno, executive director of Infrastructure and Cyber Security at Gallup.I joined Gallup because I was attracted to the workplace culture. Our 2,000 associates are motivated, achievement-oriented individuals who enjoy what they do and really want to make a difference. It’s a workplace culture the company has crafted since our beginning in 1935. Not surprisingly, given our expertise in the field of employee engagement, we are always looking for ways to improve our workplace. We renewed our Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft so it included Microsoft 365 E5—an important step toward modernizing our workplace and gaining the value of all the investments that Microsoft is making in its cloud offerings.

I think in today’s online world, every organization needs to work on its digital transformation and ensure that its employees have the right tools to perform at their best. Twice a year, we ask our associates how we are doing in providing them with materials and equipment. We heard that the most important factors to our associates are mobility, security and ease of use. For Gallup, the Microsoft 365 Enterprise option, including Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security and Windows 10, answers many of those needs.

We have a global workforce, and we want to enable everyone to work wherever it makes sense for them to work. Our consultants and business development associates are out meeting clients and prospects. Our technologists work in every corner of the world and we have people who work from home. So, we are really looking forward to taking advantage of Microsoft Intune to better manage their mobile devices and support our BYOD policy.

While we definitely support mobility, we also have to keep a focus on security. We’ll be using the multi-factor authentication capabilities within Enterprise Mobility + Security to provide an extra layer of security for remote access to our corporate data. Now our employees are empowered to be productive anywhere and anytime, while ensuring our company’s data and resources are secure. We fully deployed Windows 10 and saw immediate improvement in our security profile, thanks to BitLocker and Credential Guard. In fact, our latest penetration test delivered better results than we’ve ever seen.

Gallup has been asking people about their opinions for 83 years, and we still have every question and every answer ever collected. That’s petabytes of data, representing a truly unique store of information. Because of this, we are really looking forward to using Microsoft Power BI to augment our data analytics capabilities. In some initial testing, we were impressed with how easily our associates interacted with Power BI. It is a lot more user friendly than some of the tools we provide today.

Personally, I’m really looking forward to increasing the level of collaboration and creativity across the company. We deal with latency all the time because much of our data is stored in the United States, but associates the world over need to access it. With Office 365, our workforce can collaborate seamlessly to foster innovative teamwork. We’re particularly excited about Microsoft Teams, a chat-based workspace and hub for teamwork. Project managers, consultants, data analysts, survey designers and researchers who work on a variety of projects—designing client engagements, performing data collection analysis or making recommendations to a client—are rarely all in one room. With Teams, we can assemble the best people to work together, regardless of their location, and provide better service to customers.

When it comes to empowering our associates, so they can achieve better results, Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a natural fit for the next phase in our ongoing drive to create a sustainable culture of engagement. After all, as our associates go out into the world to do their work, they are our best ambassadors for the organizational behavior expertise that sets Gallup apart.

—Melissa Moreno

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