Nordstrom adapts to changing workstyles with Office 365

Nordstrom sign as seen from a street in downtown Seattle.

Today’s post was written by Ron Markezich, corporate vice president for Microsoft.

Nordstrom is synonymous with legendary customer service in its more than 350 stores and online. To help employees be more productive and to accommodate the demand for flexible workstyles, Nordstrom uses Microsoft Office 365.

In a recent conversation, Cho Hwang, technology director at Nordstrom, told me how Office 365 helps the company adapt to changing workstyles and supports anywhere productivity:

“Office 365 supports the diverse and ever-evolving workstyles of Nordstrom employees in retail and corporate locations. It provides a comprehensive set of tools that enables employees to be more productive and always have the data that they need at their fingertips.”

We’re eager to see how Nordstrom will use Office 365 to drive efficiencies, teamwork, and creativity across its company to stay out front in today’s new world of retail.

—Ron Markezich