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Aston Martin sets the pace for the next hundred years of automotive excellence with Microsoft 365

Aston Martin logo.

Today’s Microsoft 365 post was written by Andrew Palmer, chief executive officer of Aston Martin Lagonda.

I like to think of Aston Martin as a 104-year-old startup. After more than a hundred years of creating beautiful, British-built cars, it’s time to plan for the next century. We call this our Second Century Plan, and it hinges on balance. How do we expand the company while maintaining the craftsmanship and personal attention to detail that stand as the hallmarks of our brand? That’s where Microsoft comes in, providing us with the collaborative technology we need to help power the next hundred years of exquisite cars from Aston Martin.

Cloud-based communication and collaboration tools from Microsoft are a logical extension of the qualities that make Aston Martin such a resilient yet disruptive brand. We are a small company, which I see as a great strength. With the right combination of world-class tools and passionate people, we bring a responsive, agile element to the luxury car business that larger companies can’t. This is where cloud productivity services from Microsoft are an ideal match, enhancing our close-knit, collaborative culture to drive innovation. We use Office 365 to move quickly, taking new concepts to market with record speed or reacting to news and tweaking communication strategies the day before a motor show.

As Aston Martin introduces new models, such as our SUV, to bring the brand to a whole new market, we need to gather and interpret a wealth of data to make the best decisions and future-proof our cars. This means more than staying on top of the latest in automotive engineering and design—we aim to understand market trends and anticipate the needs of customers for years to come. We use Power BI in Office 365 to turn data into insights, so we can ensure our place in the future of the luxury car industry.

At Aston Martin, we protect some of the most important intellectual property in the car industry. The trust we place in the Microsoft Cloud environment extends to every aspect of Office 365. By choosing to keep our data in the cloud, we are making a statement about the long-term reliability of Microsoft as a partner.

We are reimagining our brand for the future—looking at greener technologies, connected vehicles, and millennials’ propensity for car sharing—and releasing seven new cars in as many years. Innovating at this pace is a testament to the pioneering spirit of Aston Martin. Our journey continues with Microsoft 365 Enterprise, which includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. We’ll be using these Microsoft cloud-based technologies to make sure our designers, engineers, manufacturers, and marketers collaborate seamlessly on new ideas that continue to marry the elegant design we are known for with the speed and responsiveness drivers crave. Working with Microsoft, Aston Martin is investing in the next hundred years of beautiful cars that set the standard for luxury.

—Andrew Palmer

Read the case study for more on the Aston Martin digital transformation.

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