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Microsoft partners extend Windows Defender ATP across platforms

Organizations often use computers, operating systems, and databases from a variety of vendors. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce three leading security companies – Bitdefender, Lookout, and Ziften – are partnering with us to enable Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to detect, protect, and respond to security threats on macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.

We’ve heard from our customers that they want protection and visibility into potential threats on all of their device platforms and we’ve turned to partners to help address this need.

Windows Defender ATP provides security teams a single pane of glass for their endpoint security and now by collaborating with these partners, our customers can extend their ATP service to their entire install base.

Security Dashboard: Single pane of glass view for all your onboarded endpoints
Security Dashboard: Single pane of glass view for all your on boarded endpoints

With Windows Defender ATP, all threats and detections feed into the console; every device has its own rich machine timeline, with event history for up to six months; and Security Operations (SecOps) can benefit from the same instantaneous search capabilities over historical data across all their endpoints.

Machine page: Detailed process tree view of an event collected by Ziften
Machine page: Detailed process tree view of an event collected by Ziften

We have been working closely with our partners to ensure the integration of their solutions with Windows Defender ATP is simple and easy to implement with only a few clicks. There are no requirements for any additional infrastructure, and once the integration is set, new events from on boarded macOS, Linux, iOS and Android devices will start surfacing into the Windows Defender ATP console.

Alert page: Details for a malware detection on a macOS device raised by Bitdefender
Alert page: Details for a malware detection on a macOS device raised by Bitdefender

Bitdefender, Lookout, and Ziften are the first of several strategic partnerships coming for Windows Defender ATP as we continuously expand and innovate with the goal of giving security teams better ways to detect, investigate and respond to cyber-attacks and breaches on their networks.

  • Bitdefender’s GravityZone Cloud enables customers to view comprehensive threat intelligence information on malware and suspicious files, such as threat type, threat category, and many other relevant details.
  • Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security gives customers real-time visibility into incidents on mobile devices and lets them respond quickly and effectively.
  • Ziften’s Zenith systems and security operations platform helps customers to detect attacks and zero-day exploits, to uncover the full scope of a breach, and to quickly respond to contain attacks.

Our integration with Bitdefender is available now in Public Preview. To learn more and to get started with a trial version, take a look at their FAQ page. Lookout and Ziften will be joining our Public Preview Program with their integrated solutions soon. For more details availability notification, head over to their websites (Lookout, Ziften), to register for trial versions.

We are gratified by the reception that Windows Defender ATP has received since our first announcement 20 months ago. In that time, we have added new classes of capability and innovative protection, including ground-breaking detections, new Security Analytics to deliver insights on your company’s overall security stance, and automated remediation with Hexadite technology.

We believe for security to be the most effective, it must be comprehensive. As attackers continue to move quickly, the security industry must work together to provide integrated experiences and technology. The end result is the best possible protection for the customer.

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