Hustle Up! Discover Microsoft Store resources for a better side hustle

While many are interested in starting a side gig, there is one group in particular that’s looking for ways to make extra money and improve business skills this time of year—higher education students.

With the arrival of a new academic year comes a diverse crop of achievement-minded students looking for innovative ways to gain invaluable on-the-go experience while earning much-needed income.

Considering student loans, single parenthood, increased costs of living, and more, the reality for today’s higher education students is that they need to earn money now, while expanding their professional know-how. They understand employers are looking for nontraditional employees with uniquely diversified expertise and specialties, and they don’t have the luxury of depending solely on internships anymore.

These students have found they can leverage their passions to start side hustles to turn a profit and gain hands-on knowledge that aligns with the theories they are learning in class.

In order to pinpoint the most advantageous resources and tips needed for a side hustle, Microsoft Store collaborated with Chris Guillebeau, a New York Times bestselling author and host of the Side Hustle School podcast.

“Side hustles are a great way to create options, which are important in today’s world. They’re a fast track to freedom and job security. Consider the purpose of an internship—experience. Why not get paid for your experience by learning to start an income-generating project?”
—Chris Guillebeau

The challenge for some people who build a side hustle is that they have amazing ideas to generate extra income, but need help managing their business operations. That’s where solutions like Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft Store resources can help.

Start to Hustle Up!

Hustle Up!, a mobile experience, was developed by Microsoft Store to help identify the right resources needed to amplify different kinds of side hustles. By answering a series of questions, Hustle Up! explores your side hustle aptitude, identifies your strengths and interests, and connects you with the best resources to help you on your way.

Each of the four Hustle Up! outcomes—Freelancer, Maker, Reseller, and Expert—were carefully crafted to match you with your top side hustle type and each highlight your professional skills along with top actionable tips from Chris Guillebeau. Tips include prime resources that help you maintain work, school, and life balance, such as:

  • For Freelancers, having the ability to get reviews ASAP is critical. Reviews matter a lot in business, especially when you are trying to stand out in an overly saturated market. Chris recommends that Freelancers gather real-time client feedback by creating surveys and polls using Microsoft 365 offerings.
  • Side hustlers who fall into the Expert category know how to adapt their knowledge to a product or service but can struggle trying to stay on top of all their clients’ various needs. To manage multiple asks and schedules, Chris advises Experts to keep track of their daily, weekly, and monthly tasks while on the go with OneNote.

Eager to learn and achieve more with your side hustle? Even more expert tips await! Try Hustle Up! to discover how to better your side hustle and visit Microsoft Store in person or online to uncover additional resources, fun and free workshops, and solutions that will amplify your entrepreneurial skills.