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Updated Microsoft Online Services Terms are available to our customers around the world

Today, we published the updated Microsoft Online Services Terms with the changes we announced in November 2019.

As Julie Brill, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Privacy and Regulatory Affairs, described in her post, Introducing more privacy transparency for our commercial cloud customers, these changes provide our customers with more transparency on data processing in the Microsoft cloud, and increase Microsoft’s data protection responsibilities for a subset of data processing that we engage in when we provide commercial cloud services. As of today, the updated terms are available to all our commercial customers—public sector and private sector, large enterprises, and small and medium businesses—globally.

We’ve already started the process of gathering feedback from our customers, including the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, on the revised contractual language of the Online Services Terms. We anticipate that the feedback will lead to some further adjustments of the terms, which we’ll implement over the coming months.

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