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Modernize your IT support with Moveworks + Microsoft Teams

Slow IT support not only adds friction to the workday, it also limits productivity for the modern digital business. At a time when many other enterprise processes are now automated, most companies still manually resolve even routine IT support issues, often resulting in multi-day delays for employees who urgently need help. Moveworks for Microsoft Teams addresses this problem with a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) solution that simplifies the process for everyone involved.

Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365, where you can chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place. It’s easy to integrate Moveworks with Teams to create an autonomous IT support hub, allowing employees to rapidly resolve their IT issues through natural language conversations with the Moveworks AI bot.

Resolve IT issues with AI

Manually resolving IT support issues can be cumbersome for a number of reasons. For one, employees must interrupt work to find and fill out a form, track down hard-to-find self-service portals, or email the service desk to describe their problem. That service desk then spends much of their time reading through each ticket and routing it to the right resolver group, taking days to resolve fully. Productivity suffers across the organization. Fortunately, many of these issues can be resolved from end to end by AI.

Deliver a fast and frictionless employee experience

The Moveworks AI platform combines advanced machine learning techniques—including conversational AI and natural language understanding (NLU)—with deep integration into enterprise systems to completely automate the resolution of IT support issues. Employees interact directly with the Moveworks bot, which is pre-trained to understand enterprise conversations and IT problems.

For those tickets that can’t be resolved autonomously, like replacing the ink in the printer, Moveworks automatically assigns the tickets to the correct subject-matter experts—with the same accuracy rate achieved by service desk agents. Employees get back to their work faster, and IT agents spend less time triaging and more time resolving issues.

Transform Teams into the unified IT support hub

Automating support tickets can be incredibly effective, but only if employees take advantage of it. Workers are busy and will choose the easiest method to communicate their issues—often by firing off an email.

By embedding Moveworks into the tools that employees use all day, every day, its customers have driven up usage organically, since employees can resolve their support issues within existing workflows. Accessing the Moveworks bot is as simple as starting a new Teams chat.

Drive adoption of Teams in your organization through Moveworks

All employees need IT support at some point—a reality that Moveworks leverages to increase adoption of Teams for organizations that move IT support to the Teams platform. Employees who are not active Teams members yet may submit support tickets through a variety of channels, such as email or ServiceNow. No matter which channel they use, Moveworks intercepts the issue, accelerates resolution, and messages the employee with updates through Teams. Notifications from the Moveworks bot lead new users to the Teams ecosystem. Employees can discover the value of Teams through these interactions, organically increasing usage.

Increase the ROI of existing investments and resources

Moveworks integrates with many systems that organizations already use, helping them make the most of existing investments. When an employee submits an IT request to Moveworks via Teams chat, the bot funnels issues instantly through leading ITSM systems like ServiceNow and Jira. Automation is enabled through integrations with Microsoft products like Active Directory, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Office 365, and System Center Orchestrator. The bot can even answer questions using knowledge drawn from Microsoft SharePoint, Confluence, or other knowledge bases.

Get started

Moveworks is an enterprise solution which gives employees the ability to have IT support issues resolved autonomously without ever leaving Teams.

Want to learn more? Request a Moveworks demo today. Not using Teams? Sign up for free!

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