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Promote company values through real-time employee recognition with Disco + Microsoft Teams

Companies attract and retain great talent by helping their employees feel more connected to each other and to the mission, vision, and values of the company. The Disco application for Microsoft Teams can help build and scale company culture to increase employee recognition and retention.

Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365, where you can chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place. It’s easy to integrate Disco with Teams to amplify company values, recognize people in real time, and measure employee alignment to company culture.

Amplify values to reinforce your company culture

If you want employees to live company values, they need to know what they are. Disco makes it easy to communicate company culture through Teams. Broadcast values and team stats on displays in the office, or share team wins to predefined channels so that users can view within Teams the great work that is happening.

Recognize people in real time when they demonstrate commitment to company values

Integrate Disco with Teams, and encourage employees to celebrate great work. Employees can use Disco to give kudos to colleagues. They tag the kudo with behaviors meant to be reinforced such as core values, quarterly goals, or team principles—then post the kudo in private or public channels in Teams for others to see.

Employees who see the kudo can endorse a coworker’s achievement by adding reactions. Disco tracks the reactions, to show who and what got celebrated the most at the end of the week, month, or year. Management can use this data to reward employees with custom awards, experiences, charitable donations, or monetary incentives with Disco raffles. Even automate the nominations process. Select a channel or group to participate and at the end of the month Disco will ask everyone to state who lived the values the most and why.

Uncover trends and metrics to provide insight into employees’ alignment on company values

Get insights into who is driving company culture, who needs recognition, and how company values are being adopted in real time. Access detailed dashboards to sort, filter, and measure engagement data about company culture. Discover which values are heavily adopted and which groups are engaged—Disco measures how employee engagement has changed over time. Export data to analyze or integrate real-time feedback into your core HR systems.

Get started

With Disco, you can recognize, socialize, and analyze your company values at scale.

Request a demo or add Disco to Teams today. Not using Teams? Sign up for free!

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