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New discounts on meeting and calling experiences in Microsoft Teams

Over the past 6 months, organizations around the world have adjusted to remote and hybrid work, pioneering new methods of collaboration, and transforming communication systems to stay connected and productive. By working closely with our customers, we’ve identified key requirements that define how you are using meeting and calling solutions and rethinking your costs to achieve long-term resiliency.

As we’ve shared, your organization’s communication needs likely span a spectrum—from the most basic 1:1 meetings and calls to group meetings to large virtual events and conferences. During the pandemic, organizations transformed rapidly moving meetings online and created hybrid workplaces. This environment confirmed the need for multiple ways to join online meetings. For example, participants who do not have reliable internet access to join Microsoft Teams meetings can use Audio Conferencing to join via a dial-in number. Our customers increasingly need to host large scale virtual events ranging from internal town halls to customer events, and Teams can help with these, too. The new Advanced Communications add-on enables large scale events, but also provides structure and admin control to achieve more professional, seamless, and compliant meeting experiences.

To help our customers enable these scenarios and experience the best of what Microsoft Teams can offer in meetings and voice, we’re announcing new promotional offers that deliver these experiences with significant cost savings.

New Microsoft Teams promotional offers:

  • Get Audio Conferencing for free, available now for Enterprise Agreement customers1 and starting October 1st, 2020 available for customers purchasing via partners and web2.

  • Get 35% off Advanced Communications3, available now for Enterprise Agreement customers, and will be available before the end of the calendar year for customers purchasing via partners and web. 

  • For Skype for Business customers, we offer FastTrack support along with great pricing offers to help you move to Teams in a cost-effective manner.  Contact your account representative for more details. 

We are committed to helping organizations everywhere stay connected and productive as you navigate new ways of work. By sharing these promotional offers, we aim to support even more of your meeting needs in a cost-efficient manner.


Q: Can an eligible customer use all three offers at once?
A: Yes, if the customer is eligible to all three offers, they can sign up for all three.

Q. Is there a user limit?
A: The offers described above do not have a max number of users. 

Q: Are the offers available for education (EDU), GCC, DoD, or GCC High customers?
A: Audio Conferencing Offer1,2: available for GCC and EDU (A3 only) but is not available for DoD and GCC High customers.
Advanced Communication offer3: The offer is not available for EDU customers. Advanced Communications add-on is not yet available to US GOV clouds (DoD, GCC, GCC High).

Q: If I purchase Audio Conferencing via partners or web, how do I enable the offer2?
A: IT Admins can enable it for their organization via the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. First, activate the free Audio Conferencing offer2 to acquire a license and then assign it to a specific user in your tenant.

Updated 3/23/2021 1 Get Audio Conferencing for free until the end of your enrollment, up to three years. Available only for net new Audio Conferencing seats (defined as seats incremental to any existing seats as of August 1, 2020) for EA, EAS, or EES (A3 Only) customers with paid subscriptions that include Teams. Available now through June 30, 2021. Available worldwide with exceptions in China and India. Talk to your Microsoft sales representative to learn more. The offer is subject to additional terms and conditions.

Updated 3/23/20212 Get Audio Conferencing for free for 12 months. Available only for net new Audio Conferencing seats (defined as seats incremental to any existing seats as of August 1, 2020) for CSP or Web Direct customers with paid subscriptions that include Teams. Available Starting October 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021. Available worldwide with exceptions in China and India. The offer is subject to additional terms and conditions. If you do not have a Microsoft Account representative, please work with your Enterprise Agreement reseller to request the offer.

3 Get 35 percent off Advanced Communications until the end of your current subscription terms. Eligible for customers with Microsoft Enterprise Agreements, and paid Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license with Microsoft Teams. Available now through January 31, 2021. Available worldwide. Broader availability for customers working with our Microsoft partners and transacting on the web is coming soon. The offer is subject to additional terms and conditions.

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