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Microsoft acquires Clipchamp to empower creators

Video is a powerful medium. It explains things. It entertains. It memorializes. It conveys feeling and draws the viewer closer to the creator. Video is such an effective way to communicate because it mirrors how we speak, watch, and listen in real life—creating an instant connection to the message and its energy. Many of us think of entertainment when we think of video, but video has spread all through our lives. It has replaced written documentation for instructions, status reports, records of activity, communication, and learning. The other day I wanted to bake some sourdough bread—of course, I watched a video on how to do it.

Until recently, video was made by a few professionals while the rest of us felt it was too hard, required too much artistic ability, or took too long to make something that probably wasn’t all that good or didn’t meet our professional quality bar. That has changed. More and more of us are feeling we can make watchable, useful, or fun videos the way we might have typed an email before or snapped a photo. Video is establishing itself as a new type of ‘document’ for business, big and small, used inside and outside organizations to pitch an idea, explain a process, or communicate with team members.

Create videos with confidence with Microsoft and Clipchamp

Clipchamp is an in-browser video creation and editing experience founded in 2013 with a mission to empower anyone to tell stories worth sharing. The Clipchamp team is dedicated to making a video app they would personally love and are proud to have the world use as well. Clipchamp’s technical approach is to combine the simplicity of a web app with the ability to process video using the full computing power of a PC with graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration, something that was formerly limited to traditional video applications.

Clipchamp’s template-driven, task-focused user experience gives everyone the confidence that they can create. Its rich library of filters, styles, transitions, and stock media combined with the power of a multi-track audio and video compositing editor gives everyone the fine control they need, and artistic help if they need it, to create exactly what they want, quickly and with confidence. Once you finish your story, Clipchamp helps you share it since it’s built for social media, offering output styles and aspect ratios for all the popular social networks. It lets you tell your story your way.

Small business owners, marketers, influencers, students, educators, families, and information workers of all types need the capability to make great videos with minimal effort. Whether it’s a 10-second social media ad, a 2-minute pitch for a product, or a 20-minute instructional video, Clipchamp and Microsoft will provide the tools and experience you need.

As a web app that uses the full power of your PC, Clipchamp is a natural fit to extend the cloud-powered productivity experiences in Microsoft 365 for individuals, families, schools, and businesses. It’s also a great fit for Microsoft Windows, which is a platform for boundless creativity. Whether you are editing game clips, making a school project, putting together a memory of your kids, or assembling the next indie short, Clipchamp and Microsoft will help you express yourself through the emotional power of video. If you are already a Clipchamp user, it’s all going to get better with more options, more power, and the easy creation experience you love.

I am bubbling over with excitement that Clipchamp will be joining Microsoft. The Clipchamp team is a creative powerhouse dedicated to quality and great customer outcomes, and we welcome them wholeheartedly as kindred spirits. We will be doing incredible things together—more to come on that later!

In the meantime, give Clipchamp a try, give us your feedback, and expect great things as we work to empower creators everywhere to express themselves through video.