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Microsoft 365
Adult female in a warehouse setting, sitting at a table using a platinum Microsoft Surface Pro X in laptop mode.

Microsoft is recognized as a Leader in the 2021 Forrester Wave for Content Platforms

Microsoft 365 is innovating faster than ever. Leveraging content experiences powered by SharePoint, customer adoption has reached over 200 million monthly active users. Our customers are adding over 100 petabytes of new content each month, scaling to exabytes of data and thousands of new content applications built by developers.

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is scaling and automating business content processes. Many organizations use a patchwork of manual activity and disconnected systems. We aim to bring coherence, intelligence, and automation to your content as you navigate new ways of working.

Today, we unveiled new research and resources to help companies adapt to the new world of hybrid work. We are excited to share that Forrester, a leading global research and advisory firm, has cited Microsoft as a Leader in content platforms in their new report The Forrester Wave™: Content Platforms, Q2 2021. According to Forrester’s rankings, Microsoft is a content platform leader with the highest score in the strategy category and the highest score possible in the market presence category.

Badge recognizing Microsoft as Leader in Forrester Content Platform Wave 2021.

Microsoft has been recognized as an innovator in employee experience and intelligent content services due to “significant enhancements to collaboration, communication, and compliance capabilities,” including the new Microsoft Viva employee experience platform. Forrester also noted Microsoft’s “strong end-to-end collaboration capabilities, including integration with its own cloud authoring and productivity tools.”

Forrester’s findings reinforce our continued commitment to innovation to provide the best content platform capabilities to help our customers stay connected, including:

  • Strong end-to-end collaboration capabilities: Microsoft 365 empowers customers with applications that encourage productivity. Create, share, and communicate from anywhere, on any device.
  • Managed metadata: By automatically applying metadata to content, SharePoint Syntex helps you use metadata consistently and improve content discoverability. In addition, the integration with Power Automate allows you to build workflows that use this metadata.
  • Records management enhancements: Microsoft 365 helps organizations manage regulatory, legal, and business-critical records. Configuring retention labels, event-based retention, and setting specific permissions keeps files organized and supports the full lifecycle of content.  
  • Video innovation: Our SharePoint content engine powers video integration across the suite, delivered through Microsoft Stream and integrated into Microsoft Viva Connections and Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Viva employee experience platform: Viva helps your organization stay connected by reimagining collaboration through Teams. Viva is powered by a collection of modules that bring together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights. Learn more about enhancing the employee experience with Microsoft Viva.
  • Strong foundation for personalized recommendations, expertise location, and automated document categorization: Syntex utilizes AI and machine learning to classify, categorize, and secure content across your organization, allowing you to work smarter and more efficiently. Furthermore, Microsoft Viva Topics automates content organization and makes information easier to find, turning content into knowledge. These solutions simplify how you search for the content and related experts, right in the flow of work.

Learn more

Each day customers like Old Mutual and Northumbrian Water are discovering how Microsoft 365, including Viva and Syntex, help their people and teams be more productive through the apps they use every day. We’re consistently working to improve our content platform offerings and empower our customers for the new digital age. Recently at Microsoft Inspire 2021, we introduced new tools to help our partners and developers integrate with, build on, and extend their solutions into Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Viva.

Download a complimentary copy of The Forrester Wave™: Content Platforms, Q2 2021 report.

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