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Microsoft Viva and Glint will empower businesses to put their employees first

We are excited to share that Microsoft is bringing the Glint solution into Microsoft Viva to make listening and acting on employee feedback an integral part of how businesses engage and develop their talent in the new era of hybrid work. Glint, a part of LinkedIn and the market leader in employee engagement, will become part of Viva, our employee experience platform (EXP) that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights—empowering people and teams to be their best, from anywhere.

Today’s employees are looking to be part of an inclusive and supportive culture, inspired by their leaders, and feel connected to their work and each other. Companies that excel at understanding the needs of their people—and enable their managers to respond in meaningful ways—see 2.5 times higher profit, 3 times lower attrition, and 3 times lower burnout.1  

As the premier employee engagement platform, Glint works with over 1,000 leading companies in more than 150 countries to improve the health of their organization through real-time employee feedback. Glint blends AI technology and people science to power predictive insights that help human resources, leaders, and managers quickly make sense of engagement data, connect insight with outcomes, and take meaningful action.

Do more with the power of employee engagement insights

We are thrilled to experience the power of Glint firsthand as Microsoft moves our legacy annual engagement survey to Glint. The new survey, called Employee Signals, takes advantage of Glint’s modern and agile listening approach. Rolling out Glint across Microsoft allows us to provide more actionable insights to our managers to help our employees thrive.

Powered by Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, Viva’s EXP offers four connected modules—Connections, Insights, Topics and Learning, and the recent addition of—to deliver a holistic experience in the flow of work.

With Glint joining the Viva family, our vision is to bring feedback directly into the flow of work, ensuring leaders and managers have an easy way to access employee engagement insights and respond to their team’s needs. Additionally, Glint’s powerful survey tools and people science technology will unleash new opportunities in Viva as companies seek to gain a greater understanding of the moments that matter across an employee’s lifecycle.

Looking ahead

Over the next year, we’ll be investing to bring Glint onto the Microsoft cloud and weave Glint into Viva. Existing Glint customers can continue to use the current Glint offering with the same high-quality services and support delivered by LinkedIn. New customers can purchase the existing Glint service on a standalone basis through LinkedIn or bundled with Viva through Microsoft. We expect to bring Glint onto the Viva platform in 2023, and we are deeply committed to a smooth transition for all customers.

We look forward to reimagining the employee experience by empowering customers to understand and put the needs of their people first. Explore Microsoft Viva and Glint and learn more about the Glint solution.

1Reimagining Glint’s People Success Platform for the New World of Work, Ei-Mang Wu. March 8, 2021.