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Microsoft 365

New Microsoft Teams Essentials is built for small businesses

Perhaps no one has been hit harder over the past 20 months than small businesses. To adapt and thrive in this new normal, small businesses need comprehensive solutions that are designed specifically for them and their unique needs.

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Making a big impact starts with making things really simple

Microsoft Endpoint Manager connects you to all the important aspects of your IT estate with native integration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft’s advanced security, compliance, and identity solutions. Learn what’s new in Microsoft Endpoint Management and Productivity Score.

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Improve collaboration and work fluidly across apps—here’s what’s new to Microsoft 365 in June

This month, we’re announcing updates to improve collaboration, knowledge sharing, and security, along with features hitting public preview or general availability.

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New tools to help IT empower employees securely in a remote work world​

Today we’re happy to announce several improvements to Windows Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Azure Active Directory, and Productivity Score.

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Enable remote work faster with new Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities

Today we’re excited to announce the release of several new Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities, including improved management and deployment tools, security and compliance enhancements, an upgraded Microsoft Teams user experience, and expanded support for cross-platform operating systems.

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Update #3 on our commitment to customers and Microsoft cloud services continuity

Here is a post that shares insights into the work we have done to support business continuity for organizations, businesses, and the people within them.

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Enhancing VPN performance to enable remote work

How our IT team redesigned Microsoft’s virtual private network platform.

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Our commitment to customers and Microsoft cloud services continuity

Here’s what the Azure team is doing to enable business continuity at this critical time.

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Work remotely, stay secure—tips for CISOs

With many employees suddenly working from home, there are things an organization and employees can do to help remain productive without increasing risk.

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The top 9 ways Microsoft IT is enabling remote work for its employees

As COVID-19 cases continue to spread around the world, millions of people have moved to remote work. We’re right there with them.

Accelerate your Windows Virtual Desktop deployment—join our virtual event

Join us on March 19 to learn about the newest updates that help you accelerate your deployment. Hear live presentations and get best practices from the team building the solution.

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8 new ways to empower Firstline Workers and transform the way they work with Microsoft 365

Microsoft announces new capabilities in Microsoft 365 to empower Firstline Workers and their organizations to achieve more.

Image for: Government data protection—earning and retaining the public’s trust with Microsoft 365

Government data protection—earning and retaining the public’s trust with Microsoft 365

Earning and retaining the public’s trust requires a modern approach to protecting data. Governments can adopt a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity with the help of Microsoft 365.