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Microsoft 365

Build the next generation of collaborative apps for hybrid work

The world around us has dramatically changed since the last Microsoft Build. Every customer and partner is now focused on the new realities of hybrid work—enabling people to work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Microsoft Build creative asset.
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Introducing new advanced security and compliance offerings for Microsoft 365

In an age of increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats and regulations like GDPR, new offerings for Microsoft 365 address the growing need for security and compliance solutions.

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Secure password-less sign-in for your Microsoft account using a security key or Windows Hello

We just turned on the ability to securely sign in with your Microsoft account using a standards-based FIDO2 compatible device—no username or password required!

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Microsoft named a 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Access Management

Microsoft was recognized as a 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Access Management, Worldwide—which is a strong validation that that our customers value the innovations we added to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) this year.

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Why and how you simplify IT with Microsoft 365

The volume and quality of the new tools demonstrated at Microsoft Ignite 2018 is a huge opportunity for IT. Not only do these tools work with and expand upon the elements you already have within your infrastructure, but they put the power of the cloud in the hands of every one of your end users. The integrated simplicity and functionality of what has been built for IT pros allows you to cloud-connect the work you are doing and use cloud-based intelligence to transform your organization.

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Start using Microsoft 365 to accelerate modern compliance

As privacy regulations continue to evolve, Microsoft 365 provides more AI-powered, user-centered, and integrated solutions to help you accelerate compliance.

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Microsoft 365 adds modern desktop on Azure

Today, we are announcing Windows Virtual Desktop—the best virtualized Windows and Office experience delivered on Azure.

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10 new ways for everyone to achieve more in the modern workplace

Today, at the Microsoft Ignite Conference in Orlando, Florida, we are introducing new capabilities in Microsoft 365 that make it possible for every person to do their best work.

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Helping customers shift to a modern desktop

Today, we are pleased to make three announcements that help you make the shift to a modern desktop.

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New to Microsoft 365 in August—tools to achieve more in the modern workplace

This month, we introduced new features and updates in Microsoft 365 that help teams streamline management of tasks, make it easier for IT admins to manage Windows 10 devices, and empower small to medium-sized businesses to grow.

Image for: The role of standards in accelerating innovation

The role of standards in accelerating innovation

By building upon widely implemented industry standards, innovators are free to focus on the innovative aspects of their work, letting existing standards do the heavy lifting.

Microsoft Authenticator companion app for Apple Watch now in public preview

Announcing the Microsoft Authenticator app for Apple Watch! Now you’ll be able to approve notifications on your Watch without having to get your phone.

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It’s time for token binding

The last few months have been some very exciting times in the world of identity and security standards. Due to the efforts of a broad set of experts across the industry, we’ve made incredible progress in finalizing a broad set of new and improved standards that will improve both the security and user experiences of a generation of cloud services and devices.