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Restore and maintain personal connections with new Microsoft Teams Calling features

Earlier this year, IT leaders around the globe were forced to reprioritize their roadmaps, resources, and budgets to equip employees for remote work practically overnight. Suddenly, the use of video communications skyrocketed. People adjusted quickly to moving meetings online, but one of the most notable challenges driven by the shift to remote work has been…

Teams call with headphones at a home desk on a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon.

Tables Part 1: Working With Tables Of Data

Business Intelligence

Usability Studies

Formula building improvements Part 4: Defined Names

Formula editing improvements Part 3: new functions

Formula editing improvements Part 2: Formula AutoComplete

Meet the Excel 12 formula bar, or “don’t hijack my grid!”

Conditional formatting using VBA – some examples

More about conditional formatting …

Conditional formatting meets the ribbon

New conditional formatting “rules” …

Wrapping up new visualizations – icon sets