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Microsoft 365

Microsoft named a 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Client Management Tools

Everyone (and I mean everyone) on the Microsoft 365 team has been pursuing some very ambitious goals in the ten months since we launched.

Highlights from the GA of the Intune APIs in Microsoft Graph

On Wednesday, we announced that the Microsoft Intune APIs being surfaced through Microsoft Graph have been moved from “preview” to generally available.

Enterprise Mobility + Security at Ignite 2017: Wrap-up

Last week at Microsoft Ignite, more than 25,000 IT professionals converged in Orlando Florida to learn about Microsoft’s technology advancements, skill up across new products, and meet with Microsoft experts. For EMS we unveiled a wave of new capabilities, presented more than 45 sessions, and met with thousands of customers. I wanted to take a moment and package up all the great information we shared and things we learned from all of you.

Image for: ConfigMgr at 25

ConfigMgr at 25

Late last week, I wrote about the remarkable quarter-century milestone reached by ConfigMgr, and today I wanted to dive even deeper into the backstory of this incredible product, share a couple announcements, and debut an awesome new documentary (lookout Sundance!) which offers an in-depth look at the genesis and growth of the product that created the PC Management industry.

Image for: Enabling a more strategic role for IT with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Enabling a more strategic role for IT with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Organizations are pushing forward in their digital transformations and we continue to see and hear more about what this shift means for IT. The scope of digital transformation goes beyond moving existing work to the cloud and enabling a more mobile workforce.

How Great Leaders Reduce Managerial Blind Spots

  During one of the leadership trainings at Yammer led by Professor Francis Flynn, we discussed the relationship between expertise, organizational rank and confidence. It's not what you think! Experts aren't at the top of the org chart While initially counterintuitive, this concept makes sense after some consideration. Experts are the ones doing the work; they…

Enterprise Social Networks – Exactly What Has Changed?

Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) has been around since 2007. We've talked a lot about success and have even reached mainstream adoption in many large companies. What made me curious was: exactly what has changed? As I started to look at this, it struck me that ESN's are communication platforms. So how have communications changed because of…

The Plugged-In Manager: Interview With Terri Griffith

I had a chance to meet Terri Griffith at the Connected Enterprise Conference, and was immediately impressed with her insight into how the whole notion of leadership has changed. As a Professor of Management in Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business, GigaOm blogger on the subject, and author of the forthcoming book, The Plugged-In Manager, Terri…

Social Leadership

In my personal blog, I recently wrote a post that talked about The "Tyranny of Knowledge" in which I shared why we are sometimes misunderstood. Today, I want to share a use case that demonstrates one way leveraging Social Business platforms can improve communications. One of the biggest challenge a leader faces is they are expected…

Harris Interactive Survey: Ineffective Communication Limits Productivity And Erodes Morale

We've all been in this situation... You have a great idea, pitch it to management, do all the work to get it prepped, only to see it stuck in approval processes and take to long to get implemented. Or here's another situation: you work so hard on the project, but no one knows what you…

Digital Natives, Dinosaurs and Immigrants

This post was contributed by Bryony Cole, Yammer's Customer Success Manager You are probably reading this blog because social media is part of your life. Perhaps you are reading it because you have a strong desire to learn, and even though you may not know all its ins and outs, you "get it". We as…

The Cultural Imperative For A Social Business – Part 2

Social media is "growing up" and becoming part of organizational process, graduated from being a single person who tweets to see "what sticks". That much we know. We also know that for an organization to be truly successful, it needs to be both: social externally and internally. Company culture can be one of the biggest…