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Microsoft 365
Image for: Top down photo of a person working at a desk with Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga laptop and extra monitor.
• 18 min read

Seven ways we’re empowering every person and every organization to thrive in a new world of work

At Ignite this week, we’re announcing many new features and capabilities to empower every person and every organization to thrive in the new world of work.

Image for: An image of the NFL Fan Mosaic Display.
• 3 min read

Empowering NFL clubs and fans with help from the Microsoft Playbook

At Microsoft, we’re honored to partner with the NFL to bring modern fan experiences to the game of football.

Image for: An image of people using Teams.
• 8 min read

Reimagining virtual collaboration for the future of work and learning

Today we’re announcing a set of new features in Microsoft Teams that make virtual interactions more natural, more engaging, and ultimately, more human.

• 3 min read

Windows 8 Pro Helps Small Businesses Enjoy the Holidays

As you’ve probably noticed – with the decorations, music and crowds almost everywhere you go – the holidays are in full swing! While many people are thinking about heading out of the office to spend some time with friends and family, many small businesses are not doing so, as it is often the busiest time…

• 5 min read

Windows 8 Pro for Small and Midsize Businesses

Well folks, it’s finally here! This week we celebrated the release of Windows 8 across the globe, with a huge kick-off in New York where we officially launched Windows 8 to the world. Today, as of 12:01 a.m., Windows 8 is available for everyone to purchase – including small and midsize businesses. Today, I’d like…

• 3 min read

Walk the Business Runway: Tailoring Trends to Fit Your Business Style

Tomorrow, the fashion business world will flock to New York to celebrate one of the biggest events of the season – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Fashion Week brings together designers, marketers and fashion enthusiasts from around the globe to promote ideas, judge style and ultimately, establish the trends that will shape the fashion industry for the…