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One simple action to come back strong

There is one guaranteed way to come back strong from wherever you are in this crazy world. 

It’s not a secret business plan or some foolproof business methodology. It’s not team building, customer service, customer experience, online meetings, leadership, networking, deep dives, hard work, big data, branding, content, growth hacking, marketing, thinking outside the box, enhanced SEO, or any other number of business terms being thrown about in countless articles and interviews these days.  

The number one thing you can start doing today to come back in a big way, whether you are still employed, fighting for your PPP, still waiting on unemployment benefits, or barely hanging on by a thread – do something for someone else to help them succeed or survive. 

In his recent televised commencement speech for the class of 2020, President Obama said, “If the world’s going to get better, it’s going to be up to you.” 

Need an idea of what to do? Here are a few examples to get you started. Do one a day for the next few weeks and bank some good karma. 

  • Make a phone call. Just call someone – a customer, a vendor, an old boss, a competitor, someone – to ask how are you, and is there anything I can do to help?  
  • Deliver a meal. Perhaps you have a neighbor or someone you know who can’t get out. If you don’t have food or can’t cook, send a delivery service surprise. Are you in a doorperson building? Send a pizza. A surprise pizza never gets old. 
  • Share something with someone. Toilet paper, an extra mask, cookies, wipes, a joke, something. Share what you have, no matter how small or insignificant you think it is. 
  • Make an introduction. As we have said here in the last two articles, LinkedIn traffic is at an all-time high with searches, connections, and hiring. Find two people you think should know each other moving forward, introduce them, and stand back. 
  • Share the wealth, no matter how big or small. An astronaut buddy of mine has deferred all her savings and 401K contributions to personally helping others until this passes. She scours social media, looking for folks in need and surprises them with help. Last week she sent new baby clothes, formula, and more. 
  • Do something for a local charity. I needed a haircut, so I shaved my head for the Houston Food Bank and raised over $10,000 by doing it live on Facebook. You can still donate by texting DAYNA to 41444 or giving to your local food bank. They need you! 

Don’t get me wrong; it’s going to take team building, customer service, customer experience, online meetings, leadership, networking, deep dives, hard work, big data, branding, content, growth hacking, marketing, enhanced SEO and more. However, I promise, the more you do to help someone else be successful now, the more successful you will become as we all move forward.  

It never changes. It never fails to work. Do something to help someone else every day starting now. 

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