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Online meetings: Making sure you’re secure

According to a recent report, annual global costs resulting from cybercrime are expected to rise to $6T by 2021. To defend against these crimes, organizations will spend $1T on cyber security technologies. By any standard, that’s a lot of money.

If you want to avoid being the victim of a cybercrime without having to shell out major cash, take special care to make sure the software and services that your company already uses come standard with robust security features. This is extra important to consider when evaluating an online meeting software. Just think about the scope of the intellectual property that’s transferred digitally between employees and outsiders using such software—voice messages, IMs, images and documents. Depending on your industry, these transfers could represent a significant amount of sensitive data.

Here are a couple things to consider as you search for the right online meeting solution.

Essential encryption

Most cyber defense starts with encryption, the process by which data is scrambled or distorted in transit between two systems. Eavesdroppers and hackers can’t decode these encrypted messages—only the server at the receiving end can. Make sure to choose an online meeting software that encrypts all files transfers, IMs, and voice and video conversations. This is especially key if members of your team frequently use public wifi networks.

Also be aware of what can’t be encrypted. If you or an employee uses an online meeting software to call a mobile or landline, the portion of the conversation that takes place over the normal telephone network won’t be encrypted. Don’t get lazy in your communication habits—always take a moment to think about who you’re talking to and how you’re talking to them.

Managing user access

An ideal online meeting software will give you control—control over users, control over access, and control over log-in histories. When your company’s valuable IP is at stake, you can’t afford to forego effective, high-level oversight.

Make sure you’re able to choose which employees have access to an account and what features they’re permitted to use. By limiting access based on role requirements, you’ll necessarily reduce the likelihood of security breaches caused by unwise or uninformed use of the software. And if ever you notice any suspicious activity, you’ll be better able to pinpoint its origin.

Online meeting software may not seem like something worth thinking too much about. But technologies that make your business more efficient frequently present the potential for risks—it’s the flipside of the convenience coin. Take time to research the features of any solutions you’re thinking about buying for your company, and not just surface-level highlights. Make sure you’re purchasing a product built on a secure foundation, one that puts the power in your hands.

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