Solar distributor gains productivity and mobility by switching from G Suite and Dropbox to Office 365

Based in Guadalajara, DMSolar is a six-year-old company that has rapidly become Mexico’s largest solar technology distributor. Switching to Microsoft Office 365 from a fragmented solution that included Google Drive, Dropbox, and business telephony company Alcatel, DMSolar has improved security and collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint Online, eliminated dropped calls and down time with Skype for Business, and realized its mobility goals thanks to the synergies between Skype for Business, SharePoint, and Microsoft OneDrive. This new solution will carry a lower total cost of ownership and is expected to pay for itself within two years.

With much of country bathed in sun, Mexico is a prime location for solar installations. In 2012, three friends, all recent graduates of Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara, formed DMSolar. Today, the company is the largest solar distribution company in the nation, with headquarters in Guadalajara and offices in Monterrey and Mexico City. 

A large and steadily growing customer base, now somewhere between 400 and 500 solar installation companies, has driven DMSolar to expand operations on a near-yearly basis. The newest headquarters is six times the size of the company’s previous location. The number of employees working at DMSolar has also more than doubled in the last year alone. 

While growth is almost always a good thing, rapid growth often exposes the flaws in a young company’s business model. Cofounder and General Director Andres Gonzalez, along with his partners, often found the company’s workforce stretched to their limits as they tried to keep up, especially when existing hardware, like unreliable phone connections in their offices, let them down. 

Early on, these problems could be addressed piecemeal. On-premises telephony solutions could mitigate the bad phone system, Dropbox could house company paperwork, and Google Drive made do as a platform for collaborating on documents. But a cobbled-together solution only works when your business is small, and your workforce has the extra time needed to navigate disparate systems. As the move to  new office locations loomed, Gonzalez and his team decided it was time to find a new, comprehensive solution capable of growing with the company’s collaborative and communicative needs.

With Office 365, we have better ways of working, better productivity, and reduced stress levels.
Andres Gonzalez Reyes Retana, General Director and Cofounder DMSolar


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