Maximize the impact of your Firstline Workforce

Firstline Workers are the first to engage customers, represent a company’s brand, and see products and services in action. They are the heartbeat of the world’s largest industries.

Photograph of four diverse Firstline Workers from four different industries. All of them are using mobile devices to perform their job.

Benefits of Microsoft 365

A complete, intelligent solution to empower employees to be creative and work together, securely.

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Unlocks creativity

Give your workforce AI-powered tools that unleash creativity and fuel innovation.

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Built for teamwork

Inspire better ways to bring people together and get more done.

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Integrated for simplicity

Increase agility and lower costs by making technology easier to adopt and manage.

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Intelligent security

Protect company assets without hindering productivity.

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Foster culture and community

Coordinate and engage distributed teams.

Create new spaces to work together and share ideas.

Promote inclusion with interactive town hall meetings.

Find and share best practices across the company.



Train and upskill employees

Onboard and train new team members.

Share dynamic, role-based content and video.

Turn institutional knowledge into common knowledge.

Enable employees to find and build on the work of others.

Photograph of two people wearing hard hats on a job site looking at a tablet device
Photograph of a factory supervisor in a manufacturing plant working on a tablet device. There is an automated conveyor belt moving packaged products in the background.

Digitize business processes

Work efficiently with intelligent apps.

Automate everyday activities and processes.

Create, update and manage schedule and tasks.

Anticipate needs with IoT and end to end workflows.

Tap into data from firstline activities for new insights.

Deliver real-time expertise

Connect with voice, video and chat.

Solve problems in news ways in mixed reality.

Tap available talent when and where it’s needed.

Deliver the tools and resources needed in one place.

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Minimize risk and cost

Make IT management simple, secure and cost effective.

Scale identity-driven protection, access and device management.

Support multiple use cases with high performing, low cost devices.

Extend security and compliance to all levels of the organization.

Secure corporate data and manage risk.





Additional resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 brings people, data, and processes together to help Firstline Workers get better results across sales, customer service, field services, operational, and company boundaries.

Microsoft HoloLens

This high-definition holographic head-mounted display gives Firstline Workers new ways to work by connecting remote, cross-functional teams in immersive, mixed reality.

Microsoft IoT

The Microsoft vision for the IoT enables Firstline Workers to achieve more – from increasing process efficiencies to delivering better customer experiences to generating new revenue streams.

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"We’re partnering with Microsoft to reinvent the employee experience, to build a modern and secure workspace and to empower every employee, from the boardroom to the Firstline Worker, to achieve more every day."

Brandon Antin, Vice President of Social Responsibility and Innovation, VCA

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