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Introducing Spend: An intelligent way to track expenses

We’re thrilled to announce the launch preview of Spend, a Microsoft Garage project: the easiest way to track business expenses on the go.

Spend: Expense tracking the easy way

Just like how MileIQ makes tracking mileage hassle-free, Spend makes it simple to track your expenses for reimbursements or taxes.

Spend will automatically track your expenses from a connected credit card, debit card or bank account. This helps you quickly manage all your purchases for your expense reports.

Your purchases show up in a feed in your app and you can easily classify expenses as business or personal with a single swipe. You can also edit purchases or bulk classify expenses through the web dashboard.

Spend makes expense reimbursements a breeze: classify your expenses, tap a few buttons and you’ll have an accurate report for the week, month or whatever period you’re looking for. Your reports are fully customizable and come in either a spreadsheet or PDF—these commonly-used formats are compatible with leading accounting and expense management software.

Taking receipts to the modern era

Keeping, sorting and tracking paper receipts is annoying and inefficient. Spend uses intelligent features to bring receipt tracking to the modern era.

You can quickly snap a picture of receipts and attach it to a purchase. If you’re making purchases in cash, Spend makes it easy to create a record of that expense and attach a receipt. It’s like having a virtual accountant in your pocket.

Security you can trust

Spend takes security seriously. We use 256-bit SSL encryption with Microsoft certifications. We don’t retain your bank login information or your full card numbers. You can read more about Spend security and privacy information.

Try Spend today

Spend is a Microsoft Garage project brought to you by the team that created MileIQ, which makes tracking your mileage hassle-free.’

We’ve been working with hundreds of users during our beta-testing period and the early feedback has been great. Many loved how user-friendly Spend is and how it puts accurate records of your business expenses at your fingertips.

We’re happy to have Spend available to the public. It’s a free app that’s available for iOS in the Apple App Store. This is an early version of the service, so you can expect rapid improvements, updates and some changes down the road.

As always, we want your feedback on how we can improve Spend. You can let us know by commenting on this post, through social media or through email. If you’re having problems getting your email verification when signing up, please check your spam folder. You can always reach out to our wonderful support team, too.

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