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Welcome to Rock Your Business

“Life is too short to have anything but delusional notions about yourself,“ KISS rocker Gene Simmons.

This should be the mantra for just about any entrepreneur. It sums up the first step to success: you have to believe. You have to believe in your product, in your service, in your idea, in your team, in you. You have to believe you are simply the best.

Then, the hard work starts ….

Welcome to Rock Your Business

Welcome to Rock Your Business.  As a 20+ year rock radio veteran and Texas Radio Hall of Fame inductee, I cut my business teeth backstage in radio and recording studios and on the road with some of the greatest rock stars in the world.

From marketing to promotion to finance to discipline (there’s a word no one thinks to use in rock and roll), to putting together the right team and more, I got a loud crash course in what it takes to put someone at the top of the charts and what leaves others behind to become “one-hit wonders.”

What I discovered is The Rock Star Principles of Success. These are the actions that successful rock stars, leaders, and entrepreneurs practice in everything they do. Every. Single. Day.

1. Have Passion

This first principle is where so many get it wrong early in the process. It is not about your passion but rather the passion of your customers and how you articulate and present what you are selling to them in a way that means something to them.

Don’t tell someone how great your product is, tell them what it does for them. Does it make them smarter, richer, safer, taller, skinnier, more successful, sexier? You get the picture.

What is in it for the customer? Feed their passions and they will follow you anywhere. It’s like going to see your favorite band. You don’t want to hear their new stuff the band loves, you want to hear the hits you love.

2. Gain some knowledge

You can’t know what your customers want if you aren’t paying attention to the world around you. First thing every day – before you email, post, talk, call, anything – read the headlines in everything from world news to sports, to pop culture and more.

Put a news service app like the Associated Press on your phone and spend some time learning what is in the news that day, then go over your social media accounts and email. Then, and only then, can you prioritize your day.

And, a little trick the rest of the day? Spend more time listening than you do talking.

3. Networking

It is an old show business adage, it’s who you know. I always like to say every opportunity that comes your way was because you knew the right person. And, everything you miss? You didn’t have the proper person in your network.

The best way to guarantee that doesn’t happen is to work on building your network every day. Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and ask how they are, what they are working on, and ask how you can help.

Attend an industry function such as a happy hour or meet-up and sit with people you don’t know. If you read an article (that “first thing in the morning” thing) that makes you think of someone, send it to them. And, the same trick from #2 applies here: spend more time listening than talking.

You’ll find more people you want to meet that way.

4. Appreciation

Last, no one gets to the top without help from someone or an entire team of someones. Let your top customers know how much you appreciate them – they are your best influencers on the street.

Also, take care of your vendors. Need something faster around the holidays? If you have taken care of your vendors earlier in the year, you will be at the top of their list.

Also, praise your employees. Let them know you notice. Something as simple as a handwritten thank you note and a $10 coffee shop gift card left on someone’s desk is worth its weight in gold for productivity.

These are all fairly simple things you can do every day to succeed. The key is to do them every day in everything you do. Rock Your Business will be a weekly column here in The Growth Center to pass on to you not only these rock star lessons, but also lessons from rock star entrepreneurs, leaders, team members, and more.

We started with Gene Simmons, so let’s end with another Gene-ism:

“Our job is to leave the world a little better than we found it. Not the same. Not worse. Better.”

A product, a service, a company that customers can love, does just that.

About the author

Dayna Steele

Dayna Steele is a successful serial entrepreneur, popular motivational business speaker, Texas Radio Hall of Fame rock radio personality inductee, and the creator and Chief Tipster of Your Daily Success Tip. Her books include Rock to the Top – It Now Goes to Eleven and 101 Ways To Rock Your World: Everyday Activities for Success Every Day. ABC News calls her advice “ridiculously sane.” You may reach her at

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