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Explore the latest small business resources

Grow your customer base with AI

Learn how to drive business growth with AI that’s built into the familiar and easy to use tools across Microsoft 365.

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AI for small business: A beginner’s guide

With the recent advancements in AI, there’s no denying it’s an increasingly powerful and versatile tool that’s here to stay. Learn the basics of how AI works and ways to use it in your small business.

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5 ways AI can help small businesses

Discover how small businesses can use AI to enhance customer service, productivity, marketing, data insights, and content ideation.

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Grow your business

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AI for customer service: Unlocking efficiency and personalization

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The power of exceptional frontline training: Unlocking customer satisfaction and business success

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Creating your digital transformation roadmap: A comprehensive 10-step guide

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Digital marketing tools for small businesses

Increase productivity

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5 ways for remote workers to collaborate

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The power of hybrid productivity: Balancing remote and in-person work for success

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Building trust and engagement: The importance of frontline communication

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Tips to maximize employee productivity

Explore business tips

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Navigating the challenges of running a small business: Tips and insights

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The ultimate guide to BYOPC and BYOD: What they are and how they impact the modern workplace

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The beginner’s guide to mobile payment apps for small business owners

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Maximize productivity with an intuitive digital whiteboard collaboration solution

Discover business tech

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The evolution of communication: Seven game-changing UCaaS Trends

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The power of endpoint management: Enhancing security and protection

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Work anywhere: A step-by-step guide to setting up your remote desktop

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AI for small business: A beginner’s guide

Manage my business

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21 work from home best practices

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Driving innovation through organizational learning strategies

An inside view of a manufacturing factory

Unlocking potential: The benefits of prioritizing frontline employee engagement

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Leading German marketing data provider powers its small business with Microsoft Teams Essentials

Improve cybersecurity

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How to improve productivity and ensure security for hybrid workforces

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Five remote work cybersecurity tips

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Hybrid cloud security 101: How to help keep cybercriminals at bay

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Secure your business like you secure your home: Five steps to protect against cybercrime

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