Unlocks creativity

Give your workforce AI-powered tools that unleash creativity and fuel innovation.
Drive innovation within your organization and unlock the potential of every individual.

Create compelling content

Use AI-powered tools to create high-quality content that stands out, from impressive slides to animated 3D models and immersive mixed reality experiences.

Turn data into insights

Turn an ever-growing mass of data into actionable insights to transform your organization.

Find what you need

Find people and access the information you need without leaving the flow of your work.
Microsoft Outlook email inbox displayed on a tablet and phone showing cross-device capabilities

Focus on what matters

Remove distractions and overcome information overload by focusing on what is most important.

Work naturally across devices

Go from thought to content effortlessly on any device through more natural ways of working with voice, touch and pen.

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"Our challenge is to empower people to achieve a product launch pace unprecedented in 104 years. We see the collaboration tools in Microsoft 365 as essential for our business transformation."

- Simon Sproule, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Aston Martin

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